Earning in-game Influence from Mixer livestreams

Forza Horizon 4 on Mixer & Earning Influence



You can find FH4 streams here: https://mixer.com/browse/games/559325/Forza%20Horizon%204

Note: Earning influence from gameplay within the demo does not carry over to the full game; this is about tracking watching/streaming to earn Influence. There are additional ways to earn Influence once the game is released.

Is there a way to check the amount of influence we have earned before the game launches?

In a browser, look for the blue ribbon icon under the stream title and next to the game name (Forza Horizon 4, even if it’s just the demo). Click the blue ribbon and a popup will read “You’ve earned ##,### Influence. Launch the game to accept the rewards.”

Wait…I’m confused. Is the ONLY way to earn influence towards Horizon 4 to WATCH Mixer streams of it? Because that seems…counter productive. As there no encouragement there for actually playing the demo. Which…what? What developer releases a demo and then encourages people NOT to play it? I’m so confused. Seriously, if all the work I’m doing in the demo only gets me a shirt and WATCHING the demo gets me…levels and money and stuff…WHY play the demo?

I mean, what if I stream it on Mixer? Do I earn influence then?

Influence earned in the demo transfers to the full game from what I understand.

Streaming also earns influence.

I’d doubt that seeing as the demo resets everytime you turn it off


Idk man, should I take your word for it or the official statement?

Well the streaming I know gives you influence, but I can’t see the influence you earn from playing the demo you keeping, seeing as it resets, and I must have missed the part where they said you would keep the influence from the demo.


I hate that they do stuff like this


Me too. Tying marketing into gameplay & progression.

This sucks.

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Then, the demo is just a ploy to get people to use Mixer more. Which is kind of dumb and kind of takes the fun out of it.

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It’s not dumb because it caters to more people now who don’t want to go racing and what not. Same with photographers and painters. I assume they’ll have a way to get influence based off of what they do. Especially since that’s been a known core concept since the announcment, that you can progress through the game doing different activities other than racing.

Also, you earn influence in game from races. It’s not just a mixer thing.

But everyone is saying, if you been paying attention, that you don’t keep the influence from anything in-game because if you turn off the demo, it resets everything. And no one has said anything about whether streaming the game earns Influence. But, the entire point of a demo is to sell the game not your streaming service. That’d be like going to a car dealership and the guy says, “While, I know you came in here looking for a car, but why not try one of our many TVs.”


This is incorrect. The announcement literally reads “that earned Influence will unlock when you play the full version of Forza Horizon 4.” It’s tracking your account being logged in while watching (or streaming) an eligible stream, it has nothing to do with how often you restart the demo. (Edit: correct, demo gameplay doesn’t carry over into the full game)

Also incorrect. Both the announcement and the blog post say streaming earns Influence.

Further, the idea that this is only in effect for the demo, or that the demo is the only way to earn Influence in the game is incorrect. Mixer is just one of the many methods used to increase Influence in the game, which will continue after launch. From the blog article: “Once you’re in-game, you can find your influence in the Mixer section of the “Horizon Life” menu. Notably, you’ll have to spend a small amount of time unlocking the “Mixer” thread in the campaign – but once you do, all the influence you’ve accrued will be waiting for you! Want to get a jumpstart on earning Influence? Tune into your favorite Forza Horizon 4 Mixer streamers during the demo period to start prepping for your “Horizon Life” before the October 2 launch.”

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This is what is confusing people, Watching stuff on mixer does get you influence, as when you are watching every so often you will get a pop up saying you have gained “3000 influence” and it progresses up at incremental levels the longer you watch. The influence you acquire in the demo from racing and PR stunts and stuff, won;t carry over as far as I know. I think this is where the confusion lies.

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aha, yes, and there’s me having blinders to what Snogardragon was saying. Nothing carries over from within the demo - it’s a demo, not a game. That doesn’t mean there’s not an incentive to play the demo.

To use this example:

Asking “Why bother playing a demo if nothing carries over to the game?” is like asking “What’s the point of test driving the car if it doesn’t earn me any discount or options on the car I buy?”



I’m not sure if you were present for the stream, I was. Co Pilot/Suffering said in chat that cosmetics and influence earned in the demo will carry over to the full game, nothing else will. So, unless I misinterpreted that, then yes, influence will carry over to the full game.

Alright. Fair. I missed the party about “steaming (and viewing)” on Mixer.

You’re technically right. If you play the demo, stream it or nothing you do in the demo matters. Which, I mean, yeah, it’s the demo, but if you don’t want to use Mixer I feel that’s a smidge unfair. I mean, I popped onto Mixer yesterday and the highest viewed stream had 2200 people watching. Which is peanuts when compared to most things on Twitch.

And yes, that would be the statement normally for a demo. “Try out this new car.” However, Microsoft has said, “Try out this new car. And if you want to extend your warranty further than a month, why not watch or film you test driving your car.” To which I would argue, “Well, what if it’s like James May sneaking a camera on to a test drive and he thought the car was terrible? Also, if that’s the way to extend a warranty, wouldn’t it be better to go to another dealer and just buy another car?”

“Oh, but you can extend your warranty buy simply driving it after you buy it, but you get a bonus extension during the Test Drive.”

“What? But that doesn’t make any sense. What if I decide NOT to buy the car? What if I don’t have the money? What if I want to buy the car but don’t have a camera? Or time to take the test drive?”

Giving only a baby’s handful of people bonus Influence is a bit like the last few Horizon games which had the tuner and painters achievements. The Tuners and Painters who actually managed to get those achievements being .01%. I don’t really fully understand Microsoft’s obsession with the .01%, I guess. They’ve been appealing to them since the Project Gotham Racing days when they had achievements like “Have one of your photos be at the top of the leaderboards for a week.” I mean, that’s a bit like saying, “I’ll give anyone 1 million dollars, if they can belch the alphabet on top of Mount Everest whilst wearing a tutu, playing Ode to Joy on a flute and performing an awesome drum solo.” I mean, I know MS is worth 560 billion dollars, but not everyone is.

Look, all I’m saying is it’s extremely unfair and thus stupid. But that is the Forza way, I guess.

Apologies if I am misunderstanding, but the first post seems contradictory. If I stream the Demo on Mixer, can I claim this bonus Influence in the full game?

EDIT: I have just re-read and it appears to be saying that the Streaming Influence carries over from the demo to the full game, but the Gameplay Influence does not.

Question regarding watching the Demo and earning Influence: Do I have to watch Mixer on a web browser, or can I also do it via Xbox and/or the iOS apps?

I watched a little bit of the official stream yesterday and didn’t notice any banners or ribbons on iOS. My Gamertag is linked with my Mixer account as specified.

Another question: Are there limits to the amount of Influence you can earn?

What’s stopping me from leaving Mixer on overnight and earning a large amount?