Early access with disc.

Alright, so . . . I preordered the Ultimate Edition (Disc version) off Amazon a few weeks back. I got it today and just went to install it, but cannot. It starts to install the game, and them switches to saying it’s ‘queued’ Is this a bug? Aren’t all Ultimate Edition users able to play the game early? . . .

Just now, it says I need a 4.3Gb update, clicking yes starts it installing again, but it switched back to ‘queued’. I really hope this is a big, because I was told Ultimate Edition users would have early access regardless of their game being digital or hardcopy.

And, how can a hame I haven’t installed be telling me that I need an update anyways?

I too had a significant pause on “queued” before it asked for the update. However mine was able to progress and install the game.

My problem now is that it wouldn’t install any of the Ultimate Edition content and now it is not showing anything under the ‘Ready to install’ page for My games & apps. Also, I got the physical Ultimate Edition on Amazon as well, did Amazon ever send you a pre-order bonus car code?

Have you input your codes for the ultimate edition
Only the game is on disc …which needs to be completely installed

Vip and all dlc are codes that need to be redeemed

Most games have a day 1 update

I got it to diwnload shortly after I posted this . . . After 13 or so hours. . . It’s at 24%.

. . . Curse you at&t!

At least your discs have turned up, ordered directly from microsoft and its been sat in a warehouse 2 hours drive from me for the last 2 days! Some early access that is, not best pleased.

If you bought the disc, read the instructions: Go to the XBox Store, Games, then look for the “hard to find” little box that says “Use a Code”. Click it and input your code to register your game you bought to your account. Then plop in the disc, and yes wait about 45 min. The VIP and Car pass are DLC’s that you can install. The All Stars can be picked up in game after you get going in the All Cars section.