Each season and weather condition requires different tuning yet we can't load tunes before races

Makes sense. Who made this bonehead decision?

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I think you need to explain firsthand before it makes sense. Anyone else confused by the title?

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I think he was being sarcastic about “makes sense”.

However, you can press the start button (under the XBox button on the right), select the Cars tab, select Tune Car, select Setup Manager, select Load Setup.

Obviously he means online racing, where you can’t do this between discovering what you’ll be racing, and starting the race.

The game has always had this problem. You need multiple copies of each car that you want to race with different tunes. Apply each tune to a different car, and paint the cars so you know which is which. Of course, this doesn’t tie in well with the concept of exclusive cars where you can’t easily obtain multiple copies, and the very limited garage space.


Ah, sorry.

It’s fewer button presses if you just go to the tuning section in the Creative Hub tab.

Yes, I have :

3 x TZ2
3 x 33S
3 x Hula Girl
3 x Bubbletop
3 x 74 Honda
4 x Daytona
2 x CCGT

Just off the top of my head.

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The cars can be selected as favourites as well. If you want to use only meta cars just to gurantee your win, then you need to pay the price of garage space at the moment. Select your ranked cars as favourites, and you should find them before every match begins, regardless of weather.

All the offline challenges already offer a spot before the race where you can tune/load a tune, change difficulty, etc anyway, so it’s just the two online challenges that would be an issue

I think the big issue with that would be timing. Not all of my cars load up (picture-wise) when the car selection screen hits…and for whatever reason, they seem to change order/orientation so it already takes me a bit to find which car I want to use if it allows more than just a few. Then in selecting it, it needs to load the car’s racing profile. If you were to then ask it to select the tunes as well, would be another process. It would pad out the load time for all the players in that session.

I find it only really hits me the first time I do a Trial anyway. Each of the challenges also has an “Eligible Cars” button so I know what I can run. And thanks to this forum, I read up what additional cars I am able to use and try to tune accordingly beforehand. I’ve read plenty of times where people have practiced and fine-tuned their setups running the race directly (non-online) so they are ready when they begin the Trial or PGG. So to me, it’s not really too much of an issue.

The problem is more ranked adventure, where you don’t know in advance what you’ll be racing.

Oh gotcha. I had forgotten about that. Yeah that does make a difference. When I first did those, I got caught unaware a few times as I had only tuned cars for events I had been in. Then I had to make a few for different race types/seasons/classes. Still catches me from time to time but I don’t do them often. That will change though.

I know no one using more than 2 cars for a specific type of race/weather … therefore the game should be able to prompt you whatever you used most/lately for a given race context and player should be able to set if a car is set for a specific season / type of race. added to favorites and a button associated to resetting sorting to default, it would pretty much solves the issue of selecting a car ( when you are online, it is quite unexpected that you are going to pick a car you never used even if it can happen)
Concerning the tune selection, I am unsure, possibly another time boxed thing adding to the huge wait time between 2 CP. Having a car by race conditions looks to me more effective, what is missing is a way to categorize cars along, for sure, with enough cars and tunes slots …

It would be nice to add an icon, similar to the winter tire icon, for the season you tuned the car for.

It would also be nice to have an icon for Rally tires and a Winter Tire Icon that actually displayed when a Winter lobby comes up online instead of having to try to remember which cars you have equipped with them.

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I’d rather have multiple tunes / setups for a single car vs multiple cars. That’s just silly.

Sorry but I don’t share. The fact to use a specific tune depending on weather conditions/tracks is not something every players need. For a newbee it would sense far too much complex and T10 wants all of them in more than anything. Therefore using some indicators like icons you could associate to cars and filter on would be good for advanced players without consequences for new players.

I colour code my cars, and favourite them, for this reason. But it means I bump against the garage limit all the time - wish that could be increased so we can have cars ready to go in multiple states.

The same person, who decided… it’s still a good idea, to keep winter in online adventure road racing…