E-X Hoppers and other goodies up (list of cars banned from multiplayer hoppers)

Thank you Turn 10 for listening to the players.


What other goodies?

Any hotlapping yet?

Details man, details!

So still no hotlapping.

Thanks Max!

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Give it another 6 months. All this tells me is that player counts are low.


Nice stuff. This should be obvious. Breakout hoppers need to be permanent.

Happy to see the hoppers back. Annoyed to see the Lotus 340R is removed from most hoppers for some reason. Hoping this is just temporary?

I just wanna say thank you for giving us A, S and B class tag. <3

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Yeah I see that I just don’t understand why remove cars like the 340 or the Donkervoort. Cars which are designed to be used on track. If they are op then what about the like of the Elise gt1 and the GT40 Le Man’s.


I never post on these forums, ever…
BUT, this has forced me out of hiding.
Why? Are open wheelers such major disrupters that they need to be relegated to single player only or homologated snore fests?
I hope that i speak for everyone when I say that open wheel cars in the lower classes are the least of the trouble.
I understand removing SUV’s, i don’t like the fact that you have. But i understand where it came from. Fat car = Crash car… yadda yadda
But, THERE ARE BETTER SOLUTIONS. Having a vote kick option that works a damn will be a sure shot in the right direction. (I know this can be abused but 12 people searching together can do whatever they want in reality…)

Here’s some feedback and constructive critisism:
*Allow all cars to race as long as they are within the class restriction, people like choice and limiting it without explicitly stating causes contempt.
*If no to the above… Release a ban list for pity’s sake, people don’t want to waste their time upgrading a car and tuning/test driving just to find out that it’s been permanently sent to the shadow realm because the developers don’t know how to deal with trolls.
*Allow the lobby to moderate themselves (Don’t go telling me about the marshall program and how it’s gonna be ‘amazing’ and fix all the problems… you made Super GT a marshall?) Just reinstate the forza 4 vote to kick feature. Am i going crazy? FM4 had all of this stuff FIGURED OUT, it came out 7 years before this! WTH?!
*Online lobby intervals are too short since choosing a car OR LEAVING is determined by when the track loads. (Which can take well over a minute…)
*the icons in the garage have visual oddities all over the place:
Disassociating wheels, And again...Random stuff on cars,
!(https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/360565911343595523/439207240273231893/unknown.png]Even Rentals are not safe),

Finally, here are a couple of bugs we have noted for your perusal:

Test drive infinite countdown.
This is in test drive

DLC porsche with an infiniti widebody kit description?
That's an interesting 'Q60 Concept'

The Civic
Let's not forget what a honda civic looks like

UI not returning to proper position & car falling through world
This is not cropped and yes the car fell through the world

At least you have time to finish…
A classic

When cars have the wrong spoiler for no reason
The wrong spoiler 1
The wrong spoiler 2

The opel manta and the curious case of the halved aero
The opel manta and the case of the halved aero

Fred flintstone in his Porsche 718 RS
Fred flintstone... PORSCHE 718 (in case you didn't know)

Not adding the 0-60 to the 0-100 on the mercury cougar.
The time travelling cougar (Fixed by adding the 0-100 to the 0-60)

Multiple drivatars
The same drivatar twice?

It appears that they have half fixed the half aero problem on the manta by chucking a wing from another car on it.

I see no problems here.


Agree with all of the above. In forza 3 and 4, you show your displeasure to being rocketed on a given straight by voting to kick the twit. And usually it only takes 0-2 races for the rest of the lobby to figure out why they’re being voted and inevitibly follow suit. Thus banning a crasher from a lobby. In what way is that a bad thing? Why was that removed? I get that there’s a kick vote option in F7 but boy is it pointless right now.

If your intention on banning certain vehicles was to stop crashers and other mishaps, this could’ve been dealt with in a much simpler fashion. And also to the ridiculous race marshalls program, why permit one person a very abusive power when a democratic voting system would be far more fair and far more useful? All the people I’ve spoken to have noticed absolutely zero difference in lobbies, meaning it’s obviously not working, so put it back to what did work. AN EFFICIENT VOTING SYSTEM.

And finally, thanks for denying me the use of my favourite car in the game to take round small, twisty tracks like Brands Hatch and Lime Rock. Of course there are other cars to drive than the Caterham but why take away choice and possibility like that? I had a lot of good cars that are now on the blacklist. The ML 63 AMG was one of my favourite cars for rainy tracks. I put hours and hours into tuning and painting these cars, all for nothing. Why must Turn 10 continually take away more and more things that I like about the Forza franchise. I didn’t buy Forza 6 because I moved to PC around that time, and I was hoping Forza 7 would reignite my love for the games. It’s done the opposite.


I agree that the kick voting in FM7 and FM6 does seem ineffective. However, The voting system in FM4 was abused too much for my taste. There was a group lynching/bandwagon mentality with that system. I saw many players who I KNEW to be clean get kicked for most likely spinning a truly dirty racer. Then you would get some moron who would constantly try to put your name on the board for kicking, in which that would force you to constantly call for a skip map vote to avoid a kicking you didn’t deserve.

I like that you can’t see who is being voted out, but I think the number players upon which allows that kick to trigger may need to be lowered.

I honestly think that ghosting lapped players will solve 90% of trolling wreckers.


Lapped players 100% need to be ghosted and so does anyone travelling below 10mph or so. Allow us to turn it off in private lobbies and maybe keep both off in endurance leagues and hoppers but in standard hoppers we need it. Same goes for an actual penalty system.


Overall this change is positive, though there are some problems. The “adjudication system” that was supposed to come to the game needs to come soon. There needs to be a better vote to kick system and getting rid of open wheel cars is ludicrous.

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[Deleted here. Separate topic needed.]

I’m just happy enough that they added all of these hoppers. At the moment I could care less about dirty racers (mainly because I don’t run into them oftem, but they are a headache when I do stumble upon them, even more so if it’s a group of rammers), I’m just glad they finally listened.

I ran some FM7 S class online tonight. The base track rotations still need work. We random voted many, many times. Lots of rain, too much VIR and Top Gear circuits. However, we did run Road America full circuit 2 or 3 times tonight…which is more than I’ve ran Road America full circuit in FM7 online since the game came out last year. So good there…I saw the Ring pop up once, it was night and got a random vote from the lobby(I voted for it…I’m good with the Ring as long as no rain). I didn’t catch the lap count on it. If it’s 2, it needs to be 1 lap. I’ll pay more attention next time. I was so surprised it came up that I didn’t look at it. The Grand Prix track popped up…that was good.

LeMans full came up…only 1 lap…it needs 2. The shorter LeMans circuit came up at 4 laps. That is okay…however I think it’s been like that since FM7 released.

Still didn’t see full Mugello, Suzuka, Laguna Seca, or Monza tonight. Random got us the “national” Mugello one time. Lap counts on it were good. I think around 7.

I need to see Yas Marina North to see if the lap counts have been worked on… I know it was rotating with only 2 laps…right at a 2 minute race…which is silly.

Nice to see the massive pause between races where you got a tremendous close up of about 5 cars wheels, brake calipers, wings, etc(at one time) seems to have been fixed.

Great update, modern hot hatch hopper is back!!