Dynamic time?

I wasn’t following the development of 7 much, but I thought with all this “dynamic rain” and 4k stuff, they put in dynamic time too. Looking though weather and time options for free play, there’s nothing to adjust time besides either night or day. It was shown in the trailer, so I assumed (probably wrongly assumed now) dynamic time was included. I thought I saw the sky change on the Circuit of Americas at night/evening (looked like a rainbow started to develop?), but it just might be me.

There’s no dynamic time and extremely limited “dynamic” weather.

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At random you can either have a darkening dusk or a brightening dawn…the speed of which is dependent on the number of laps you choose. There is no daytime to night racing or vice versa.

The trailers and press releases sure made that non-changeable parameter massively more hyped then it is actual worth, not the first time on this game the marketing has hidden behind wordplay and deliberate misconceptions.

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There is dynamic time/light change during day or night settings but it happens at random and they are not adjustable in Free Play.