Dynamic Time of Day

So, for the life of me, I can’t find if there is dynamic time of day, or just night racing in general. Has anything been confirmed? I know dynamic weather is very present, but I’m worried about time of day not being a thing.

Not confirmed. For now, assume it won’t be included unless Turn 10 say otherwise.

It seems really bizarre that they’d cull night racing, but at the moment all roads seem to lead to that conclusion =/

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It’s just too early to go on assumptions.

All in good time friend! The game’s around 100 gigs, so maybe there’s Dynamic TOD on every track.

No time of day, only weather. Pro tip: If Turn 10 isn’t promoting something all the time then it’s not in the game. No night racing.

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in all honesty I would rather no weather and have night racing, i never was a fan of those huge ponds on the race course


I loved the effect the puddles had but I absolutely hated the one at Sebring. It was like driving through the Atlantic and it was in-avoidable.

This is a similar topic

No proof of existence yet though

Which means it doesn’t exist. Fortunately/sadly Turn 10 is very easy to understand by their marketing lines. If there was night racing in FM7 they would have shown it in the trailer as well as talk about it.

The only thing that confuses me, it’s there is a screenshot by Turn 10 of it almost being night time. Like, the closest you can get from sunset being night. And I highly doubt that’s the only way the track can be played. So there has to be some form of time of day changing, be it dynamic or static.

No night racing, no buy. Period

Until absolutely proven otherwise you have to assume it exists. If the game expounds upon FM6 with dynamic weather and possibly according to some sources dynamic time of day it would be nonsensical to remove night racing.



Night racing is confirmed by Dan.


There, that should put this thread to rest.

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What you can expect from anything touted as dynamic weather in this game is what I call “Bubble Dynamics”, meaning T10 within the bubble of a racing event will dictate what happens in terms of weather and time of day. Basically it’s all a new marketing spin for what already exists, to a certain degree, in FH3 being ported over to this game in an attempt to imitate what PRoject CARS 2 will be doing (and had already done) in a truly non-bubble dynamic fashion where you the user get to customize the time of day progression and weather type and how that weather progresses as time elapses PRIOR to the start of race…

I just hope there is an option to switch between static and dynamic weather and time, as I really like racing on a clear night on FM6

Awesome, I’m glad Dan straight up confirmed it. As to if it’s dynamic or static, I believe it is dynamic. I say that because if you watch the E3 announcement trailer, at about 1 minute, you can watch the time of day change from day, to sunset, to rain, all in one race. But I do agree being able to chose yourself would be awesome. But I believe both the weather AND time of day is dynamic. Which is awesome and puts my worry to rest.

That’s not a TOD change in the trailer, it’s a skybox switch. There is no dynamic TOD, as a new feature it would be in eveery bullet point list. It’s not, because it doesn’t exist ( and never will this gen because dynamic lighting at 60 fps is not possible on Xbox One).

The thing is, I don’t think they would have a skybox for day, sunset, and as Dan confirmed, night. Not to mention every other time of day. Especially if we have 200 ribbons, we’d have an insane amount more if there was a multiple skyboxes for every track

What about Project Cars then? It has dynamic ToD and other games too. They havent talked about every feature thats in the game yet, this is proof of that. Another example is the fully animated pitstop in the trailer that no one talks about.
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