Dynamic Features for One vs S vs X vs PC versions

Im actually wondering if the dynamic weather is only on scorpio or not. I dont think theyre going to be showing forza 7 on the regular xbox one at e3 so we might not know this yet

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Will be the dynamic weather available for all or only on PC/Xbox One X ?

Since it was available in Horizon 3, I’m sure that it will work in the standard Xbox One version. I personally don’t want it at all in Motorsport though, at least, not how it is in Horizon. The weather in that game changes far too quickly to seem realistic, basically from clear sunny skies to downpour in a matter of seconds. It seems like the way they programmed it was to show it off rather than add further depth to the game.

I don’t want to be doing an online race in 7 and have it start raining unexpectedly for no reason. I like the system we have in 6 where the weather is set so you can prepare for it.


Dynamic weather should be part of the game for all is it impacts the track and handling for all users in the race. The Horizon games have dynamic weather and PC2 will have it as well so there’s no reason not to.


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Every platform There are no platform specific features because they are the same platform. Xbox Play Anywhere. But I would not get my hopes up that dynamic weather will be available for every track.

I’m in complete agreement with these statements. When I’m playing Horizon and it goes from a sunny beach day to rain in 10 seconds it seems a bit so fake and gimicky. Additionally I would like Forza track conditions to not go from completely dry to pour down rain in one lap. I understand it will be dynamic, but I hope it’s not so quickly changing that it’s ridiculous.

More importantly I hope that in free play I can select no rain at all. I prefer just to race cars on dry tracks. If it’s in the career, I can accept that, but I should have the option to disable it otherwise.

Maybe this question has been answered already, but will the base XBOX One be able to support dynamic weather, and all of the other features (outside of 4K, of course) or is it completely necessary to get the X1X for all of the gameplay features?

We don’t know yet, no official confirmation.

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Ahh, thank you.

The actual game experience will be the same no matter what system it’s played on. So no 4K graphics on One or OneS … but everything else will be the same.


It certainly should be but that doesnt mean it will. Until they confirm it um not going to assume ut will. As far as i know there is no dynamic time of day only weather and puddles. There were reasons why weather and night were only on a handful of tracks and the main reason was the framerate. Horizon runs at 30fps, motorsport runs at a locked 60fps and as far as pcars goes it didnt ever run at 60 on the xbox one. Pcars 2 will most likely be similiar to its predecessor but on the scorpio im sure it will run at 60fps.

Will the original Xbox one be able to handle the dynamic weather, the vibrations from car parts, ect, and how much can it handle.

“Disappointing That Dynamic weather and Puddles are only available on the Xbox One, X & PC versions so the Xbox one S is the worst version”
“That’s not the case. The dynamic features are equally available in all versions of the game - even min spec PC.” - Dan Greenawalt^


Where does someone get that info, just pure assumption? lmao

Q&A: How Microsoft is pitching the Xbox One X to devs (and consumers)
June 22, 2017 | By Mathew Kumar



SaaS plans coming together very nicely now. Something I spoke about many years back down in OT.
Lets see how much momentum T10 can keep up.

Exciting times from MS.

Ok, i’m just wondering if any players who are not playing on the One X (Oringial One or One S) will get ANY differences other than no 4k? Even though the One is a relatively recent console, I’m just making sure FM7 won’t have less content/features/details than the One X version for players not using a One X due to the Original One/One S not being powerful enough for the complete FM7 experience. Hopefully the ONLY difference will be the graphics and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else.

This is true for all XBox games on any version of the One, One S or One X. All current-gen XBox games are identical across all three systems as far as content, features, gameplay, etc. There is only one version of all games … not different versions for different consoles. The only differences will be in the audio/visual quality of the games.

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Well i know there will be visual difference because of 4k but now im sad about audio difference . In gameplay where he/she driving radical the audio is pretty awesome . The feel of the car parts , wind , feeling of speed when you reach top speed is amazing in video . Feels like youre actually driving a car . I hope at least regular xbox can handle that audio .
I cant make that quote thing . Dang …