Duplication Glitch Needs Patched ASAP

Please hurry the bleep up and patch this glitch!

There was no point in me grinding out the Rio rod drag race and earning that car because everyone and their grandmother has it now.

This goes for all cars. Look at the looking for group. You can get every pre order car and everything else for like 10 mill credits because the duplication Glitch has gone completely unchecked.

Do t tell me to submit a ticket. I did. A month ago. FIX IT!

A fast patch would be force a save immediately after someone posts an auction. Done. Fixed.

I don’t have a rip rod and none in the AH.

If they patch it, all it does is give an advantage to those who have used it over those who haven’t used it. If they’re going to patch it they need to also be able to penalise those who have used it, maybe take a car from their garage for each time they used the glitch, starting with their bone shakers, for example.

I suspect this thread will disappear, however I agree, this stupidly obvious game design error has totally destroyed the in game economy by creating billions of free credits to buy thousands and thousands of cloned cars

I suspect it’s not straightforward to fix as the game doesn’t sync as often as you think. If I close the game with exit to desktop it’s quite common for my Xbox to claim my other Xbox (pc) is taking too long to sync, even if the pc was on for another hour after I closed the game then I have the option to download the old backup and lose some progress or reboot the pc, log in and out to force a sync, then have the Xbox complain I’m playing the game elsewhere even though I closed it.

It should be obvious who’s doing this but like Goliath it really remains a free for all.

The only upside is I was able to snipe all the cars I wanted in my collection due to the numbers in circulation.