Duplicate "ghost" car from wheelspin and continuous garage full error message.

I was wondering if anyone else has had the issue of winning a car from a wheel spin yet not actually receiving it in their garage?

I won a duplicate 2008 BMW Z4 M Coupe from a wheelspin but when I checked my garage to throw it out as I already had one, it was nowhere to be found but was still counting against my total garage capacity. I even recounted all of my cars in my garage by hand and indeed, I counted 1 less than what the game was telling me I had.

After that, I deleted my original Z4 to see if that would make my 2nd “ghost” Z4 show up. No such luck. However, when I checked the Autoshow, despite the fact that no Z4 was showing in my garage, it was marked as “owned”.

I was understandably confused at where this car was, but then had the idea to try making a blueprint event with the Z4 as the only allowed vehicle. Lo and behold the car shows up.

The thing is though, after I exited the blueprint event while driving this “ghost” car, it still refused to show up on the garage menu under the BMW tab or “current car” tab, preventing me from removing it or selecting it in any way. The “current car” tab that shows what vehicle you are driving at the moment was actually completely missing.

I swapped to a non-bugged car and the “current car” tab showed up as normal while the Z4 was, again, missing.

Thus the only way I can even see the car is if I’m in the car selection menu right before an event, which doesn’t allow you to remove or favorite or anything.

Video of me using the “ghost” car and its refusal to show up in the garage and the missing “current car” tab. Also a picture showing what the current car tab looks like for a non-glitched car.

My second issue is that I’m constantly getting an error message that states “Garage Full: We attempted to add one or more new cars to your garage, but there is not enough room. Please clear some space for your new cars”

I began to receive this message after I attempted to collect my ranked series rewards. I won 3 cars for reaching league 10 but only had room for 2. I cleared out a few spaces and assumed the last car would be added. However, that was not the case.

Even after deleting nearly 15 vehicles, it continues to give me this error message every time I pause the game or enter a house/festival while also refusing to give me my last reward car.

Pictures showing error message and 537/550 capacity garage.

I’ve submitted a ticket on the forza support website but wanted to ask if anyone had experienced these bugs and had a workaround for these issues.

I would appreciate any help.

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Got exactly the same problem now. Did you find any solution to this? I claimed a ranked series reward (even tho i already did… it was very strange) and i got the exact same issues as you described. But i cant find anything else about this here.

Did you manage to fix that?
Did submitting a ticket help?

I have also this issue. I bought the ultimate edition only there is no space for the new cars anymore. I deleted also 15 cars/paints/tunes/all photos.

Why we get every week 2 new cars, if there is no space for it anymore. So people that are paying more gets new cars only they can play with it because of the garage limit.
Its like you have a lot of games only not a console to play.

Garage Space fix is in the near future …see this thread

Had a Reclaimed Auction disappear on me, submitted a ticket, and it appears to be visible now

Thats nice to know. Only the garage full message every time when you press start is so stupid. Btw i got it also from claiming my ranked rewards.

Anyone experiencing this issue, please submit a support ticket here:


Quick Question: if i submit a ticket, and get asked (automatically) if the problem was solved, i reply no, and you replied that it might have been automatically resolved… and i did not answer to that, because i did not see the need to answer to something that was not a question… and i now i checked again to see if there has been anything new to this ticket…and it said in the status, that you were waiting for my answer… And here is the question: Did you really wait for an “answer” and did not further investigate this issues? JUst to be sure, i wrote some “answer” now. Its been almost a month now guys.

Did you manage to fix the “ghost car problem”?

I got the same issue today. I won an Alfa 8C at the auction house, but when I wanted to collect the car there was a connection failure. Now the car isn’t in the my garage … although my garage capacity went up from 545 to 546. There is only the Alfa 8C I owned before, but not the new one.

I’m able to enter and drive the car with your method: create a blueprint, allow only the Alfa… Sadly it also doesn’t show up in the garage menu as current car aswell. I have no idea how to remove this car.

Anyone has a clue?

I have same problem so i send support tick almost 6 weeks ago, i got message to send screenshot on that section on garage after i did that i got typical "
I am looking into this for you and will get back to you as soon as I have more information. Please let me know if your issues becomes resolved before then." that’s over week ago and havent hear nothing after that.

“The garage issue should be solved in the next major CU.”

Don’t know what a CU is. The U is probably for “Update”. Don’t know when the Update will arrive. But ticket is closed now. After ~6 weeks.

I think CU means content update, forza monthly stream is later today so maybe then know when that update arrive. Support in this game is worst that i have ever seen, i submit ticket about “ghost” car before holidays, and my ticket is still open, latest that i have “hear” is over 2 weeks ago “I am looking into this for you and will get back to you as soon as I have more information”

Exactly the same cause and issue here. This error is so frustrating.