Duplicate 2015 Jaguar XKR-S GTs in FM7?

So I just picked up the Jag from the specialty dealer this week and noticed that I now have 2 of them in my garage with different collector’s values. I didn’t get the message about already having one in my garage when I purchased the second one like I have with other cars.

One Jag is worth 880 and shows the little production run information box in the top right, the other is worth 800 points and doesn’t show that box. I seem to remember getting the first car as one of the Forza loyalty rewards when I first started up the game now that I think about it.

Has anyone else run into this?

I had the same thing happen with that car, and one other (can’t remember which). No warning about already having it when I bought it on either of them.

The warning comes up that your collection tier wont be increased due to already having one in your collection

It’s in the box on the right hand side and it’s bolded
Where it would usually say how much your collection tier increases

It came up on mine

Also there was no loyalty reward cars for fm7

The only new car in the specialty dealer this week was the nissan skyline
Every week there is mainly repeats as per the huge discussion thread about the specialty dealer

I’ve seen the warning on other cars, but there wasn’t a warning for this vehicle. I didn’t purchase it at the specialty dealer previously.

You are correct, I was remembering the free cars from the older Forza games. I must have obtained the Jaguar from the December/January Forzathon instead. Technically the specialty dealer version is worth slightly more collector’s points than the forzathon version, maybe that confused the game.

Yep you could be right with that
I had both previously but sold the one from forzathon
Probably why the warning came up for me

Yes, the Jag was a Forzathon prize at some point