Dumb Question, but,,,

Xbox One.

I have been playing Forza for about a year and I’m embarrassed to ask this question but, here I go.

On occasion I actually do well in a Rivals event and save the lap. Where does this capture get saved? It shows the downloading icon, downloads (I presume) then disappears forever! Where do I access the capture? I’ve tried every Forza tab as well as Home and can’t find the captures I’ve saved.

Go to the Multiplayer tab and then to Forza TV

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Got it. I should have known that.

Thanks POOhhead.

You can watch the replay of your best Rivals lap by going back to Rivals and press the “Y” button to bring up the Rivals Leaderboard.
Press the “X” button to go to “Near Me” Leaderboard and Press A on your name to watch replay.

All your Rival races are saved to the Leaderboard.

You can even set your best rap to race against if you want to try for a faster lap.

Interesting Tomcat…All the Forza that I have played and I never even noticed that, kind of nice to now know if I want to watch one😃