Dub club for vw,audi,seat,skoda fans!

S'cabby Dubs

Join my open club for any VDUB enthusiast! i am the owner and i am a huge VW fan! Anyone welcome we will host meets, best car awards, races, tuning setups, and much more. We have an official facebook pace with nearly 1,000 members under the same name “S’cabby Dubs” feel free to join that too where all our members share their prides and joy!

I own a mk5 R32 golf in real life, we would love to see your cars in real life and your cars in-game. ALL MEMBERS WELCOME!!!

Search SCABBY DUBS on the Xbox clubs and just request to join. Thank you, vdubbers!

Still taking members on! Haven’t had much interest yet. Join for all VDUB fans!