DualShock 4 anyone?

…will DualShock 4 controller be supported? It wasn’t supported on Rise of the Tomb Raider, but just wondering?

A lot of games natively support DS4 on Win7+ so I don’t give my hopes up…


you can use but i doubt its supported

Use input mapper

DS4 isn’t supported for windows 10. Use DS4Windows. The program emulate the DS4 Controller to a xbox Controller.

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I’ll be entirely honest. I cannot recommend using DS4windows for any racing game. Simply because racing games somehow triggers latency on it. IE it temporarily disconnects at random points mid race. It is the single most frustrating thing ever when you are doing a race only to find your controls stop working and you get thrown off the track into a wall or something, then look at your DS4 to see it displaying the red light, which DS4W uses (by default) to show when your controller has disconnected. While Forza 6 Apex seems to be much better at staying stable than other racers like dirt rally, project cars, asseto corsa, etc. it still disconnects randomly at points in the game.

Wondering if Xbox 360 pad will work or not?

I playerd Killer instinct with a 360 Controller and it works fine with it. So why not in Apex? ^^

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I played a lot of games that natively support DS4 controller from Win7 upwards, this includes Win10 also.


Even if the game won’t natively support DualShock 4, there are so many programs out there that emulate it as the x360 gamepad it’s not even funny…

if you read the news announcement here http://www.forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/fm6_apex_beta_announce it says that Xbox One controller is suggested, it says nothing about it being a requirement. I am sure other controllers will work and the game will be most optimised for the xbox one controller which should not come as a surprise at all.

…well you know, it kinda bothers me if other controllers are supported, but when I hit square on my controller, ingame it sees it as a X :slight_smile:

Nothing you can do about it when modding isn’t supported. I personally prefer the X over some random numbers that have completely no meaning to their actual position on the gamepad whatsoever.

Im using motionjoy software but my PS3 pad isnt recognised in game for some reason… It works in windows fine and Fifa and other games and it shows up in the controller panel as “Xbox 360 controller”


…is there an option to get it working as xBOne controller? DS4Windows has it, but not sure if it supports DS3 controller…

Same issue, anyone know a workaround?

Use input mapper which i linked earlier…

I actually got a fright when i hit the breaks. The force feedback kicked in on the trigger. I was like pause game adn thinking “WTF was that” this is the firts game i have actually played on PC that uses the trigger force feedback so got used it it not kicking in