DS4 Windows Crashing Forza Horizon 4

Good evening folks,

After an incredibly frustrating day with Microsoft support, I’ve managed to diagnose whats going on with FH4 crashing constantly. I went through the entire slew of support options, even re-installing my game, and discovered to my dismay that DS4 Windows has been crashing FH4. I discovered after turning DS4 windows off and launching my game. Everything ran smoothly, but when i tabbed out and connected my controller, everything went haywire, my frames dropped, and my game froze until I could tab out to turn DS4 back off. Looks like I’m playing M&K for awhile. Anyways, anyone else struggling with this issue, do you know how to rectify this problem? I tried reinstalling DS4 windows and that did absolutely nothing. My current rig is an Alienware 17 R4.

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Uhmm sorry i may not be well enough informed but what is DS4 ?

omg dude, I’ve been having the same problem!!! I love this game so much but this the first time happening! Everything was fine with FHZ 2 and 3, and I want FHZ 4 to be the same but this annoying bug is happening all the time! I don’t know how to fix but I really hope they address this issue soon in a patch!!