Driving with the Thrustmaster TX 458 Wheel...

Hi guys,

I just got the TX and I am pretty happy with it but I have a question as I am pretty new to sim racing and a rookie on wheels with force feedback.

I have been playing Forza 5 with the gamepad till now and my main issue is that I get used to the vibration of the pad triggers (as it is a pretty useful feature TBH). It helps you to avoid locking when braking or spining when accelerating (especially from slow corners). I mean, when the triggers start vibration you know you have to take care and be gentle with the “pedals”…

I don’t have experience with wheels and that’s why I am asking, I don’t mind to be slower with the wheel (even though I think I will match my times with pad with time and practice) as the general “experience” (inmersion and fun factor) is way better and it diserves the investment, I can say now that with a Gamepad you Play, but with a Wheel you Drive…

Back to the issue, I miss that (vibration) help with the TX, and I don’t know whether it is a problem with my wheel feedback or that is the way it is. For instance I can feel the grip (depending on the stiffness) on the turns, the kerbs and so on… but my main gripe with the wheel is that I can not feel wheel spin out of slow corners or during a race start (I mean, once I centered the ring) and the same can be applied under braking with locking tires (with a straight wheel also), I was hoping to feel some vibration/indication (as the triggers do with the gamepad) in those cases so I could manage how much ‘pedal’ I apply. I guess it will be a matter of practice to know how far you can go in any situation, but I am not sure whether that’s the case or my wheel is lacking some FFB/Vibration…

Any thoughts and advice would be welcome! :wink:

The question is, wether it makes sense that wheelspin is “reported” by Forcefeedback, because I think, that you have ears.
A wheelspin you generally can hear by the rpm of the engine. If they suddenly increase more than normal, when you accelerate out of a corner, you know, that you have wheelspin.
The second thing is, that you know, you soon will have wheelspin, if the steeringwheel angle is too much.
If you have too much angle when accelerating (too when breaking) you should know that you however, will loose your grip resp. loose the car.

So you have two things to get wheelspin managed, when you are driving a computer simulated racing game:
Engine RPM and Steering angle (that all of course in connection with your speed)

Tnanks dude, very good points! :wink:

I made a thread kind of asking this same thing. I am thinking of getting the new $100 wheel which doesnt have force feedback or vibration, but based on your points I should just be able to use my eyes and ears.

I used to have the madcatz MC2 for Forza 4 which didnt have force feedback, but it did have vibration and Im not sure how much I actually needed that to be fast. I think you may have talked me into the $100 wheel, I just dont want to pay $400 total ($300 extra) just for the force feedback.