Driving with the controller

I know I am late but even though I said I wouldn’t do it, I did buy an Xbox One this weekend. The Halo Combo just made it cheap enough. And since I now will have the console, I picked up a copy of F5. When I got my 360 and F2, I started out with the MS wheel and went with the Fanatec when it came out. So, I have never played with a Controller before. This time I am going to learn to use my thumbs, and drop 700 dollars to have it become a paperweight at MS’s whim down the road. Any pointers on how to not “over control” the steering? I seem to wander back and forth way too much.

Also, anything else I need to know about F5 besides the obvious, no AH, no Storefront

If you are having steering issues, try adjusting the controller’s deadzones in the advanced options to suit your style of driving. Personally, I drive with the default settings and simulation steering turned on. Then again I’ve been playing Forza with a controller since 2005 (only a stint with a Fanatec CSR in Forza Motorsport 4), so it may just take some time for you to familiarize yourself with the game and a pad.

As for the game itself, just give it a whirl. Everything is up front and what you see is what you get. There are no secrets, if that is what you are asking.

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As a recent wheel convert, I know what your saying regarding constant wondering. With the pad, you are constantly making corrections, even on the straights. It becomes less noticeable the more you play, and I never realised I did it till using the wheel.

I know what your saying about the wheel also. I was toying with Fanatec gear, but the price of it, considering MS just made many of them useless to thousands of people put me off. I’m on the Thrustmaster, and I love it (but nothing to compare it to tbh) and consider it £220 well spent.

If you are getting back into Forza properly, I’d avoid the public hoppers like an old bunny boiler GF. Find a good site or group of players to race with. We do racing and comps on our site, but less serious than TORA and Virtual One I think. All worth a good luck. Joining with a good group of people makes Forza worthwhile, public hoppers are pretty much unbearable.

Also, if you tune, they completely messed the brake bias up. When you set if front, it’s now actually rear and vice versa.

Thanks for the replys. I will see how it goes tonight as the UPS guy is getting here today with the console

It may be counter-intuitive, but turning the dead zones all the way down helped me with this. If you have to move the stick a certain distance off center before it registers, it’s hard not to move it too far and over-correct. If it only takes a tiny movement off center to make a tiny correction, it’s easier not to overdo it. For me, anyway.

Also, if you use simulation steering, you might want to witch back to normal since you’re no longer using the wheel. Many people (even very good drivers) find simulation steering too twitchy to pair with the thumb-joystick interface; it’s more suited to the finer control of a wheel.

I tried Sim Steering last night. Went back to Normal after only one race. I did manage to finish 2nd once but I can see this is going to take some getting used to. I have been using a wheel for sim racing since Papy’s Nascar Racing on the PC.

One suggestion is to stick with Sim steering a little more and try to get the hang of it. It’s actually more helpful once you become familiar with it and how the car reacts. I had to go from using the MS wheel on 3 and 4 to the controller on 5, but it didn’t long as the Xbox One controller with rumble triggers gives you a little of feedback as to what the car is doing. That being said, I couldn’t resist anymore and got the TM 458 spider wheel( the non FFB wheel) for the time being until I see what Fanatec is going to do with wheels on Xbox One.

But all in all, the controller isn’t bad. You’ll find yourself correcting more and maybe not as smooth as a wheel, but it takes less to counter oversteer than the wheel. Good luck and happy racing!

The One Controller is the best controller I’ve used for racing games, especially with the impulse triggers which are very helpful.
I have a lovely Logitech G27 that works great for my PC sims but sadly I’ll never be able to use it on Xbox One (and PS4). I was thinking of buying one of the cheap wheels like the Thrustmaster 458 Spider, but I figured it wouldn’t be worth it as it has no force feedback, no H shift with clutch, only 240 degrees of rotation, etc and I’m not willing to spend $500 on a wheel that will become paperweight when a new console releases.

I actually just bought a TM 458 Spider wheel and waiting on my stand to get here . Once I get it and put in a few hours, I’ll let you know how it does. I just something at the moment to hold me over until I see what Fanatec is up to with a more affordable option for Xbox One that they are supposed to have it the works. But again, the Xbox One controller is great with Forza 5 and Horizon 2.

Thanks mate, but I think I’ll just stick with the controller for now. It’s kind of a pain to set up my wheel as I don’t have a racing seat or permanent fixtures for my wheel, and I only really set up my wheel at my computer desk when I’m going to do a few hours of dedicated sim racing. With Forza 5, it’s just pick up and play for an hour or so, and I like it like that. Besides, I don’t really want to waste money on 3 wheels (my current logitech G27, one for my Xbox One say Thrusmaster 458 Spider, and one for my PS4 say Thrusmaster T80). Just seems a bit excessive. Plus, those cheap wheels won’t come close to my Logitech G27 in terms of features like clutch and H gear shift, 900 degree rotation, good force feedback, etc.

If your having troubles driving in a straight line constently correnting your line I would add more inside steering dead zone and more less dead zone of the outside (a higher number as well).

If you want more control of your steering and less reaction you need less deadzone for steering in total and that means a higher% outside and a lower % inside.

Well, after a week of using the Controller, I have to admit that it is easier than I expected. But, I still miss using a wheel. So today I ordered a TX and a BB CPX to mate up my Fanatec CSP’s. I found that F5 wasn’t too bad with the Controller but FH2 just didn’t feel right. Oh well, it’s only money, right?

Just an update. Wheel arrived today, put it together hooked it up, it turned on and calibrated. Went to update the Firmware and before I could even start the process the wheel shut down and is now dead. Oh well, replacement will be here on Thursday.

Unlucky with that. Once you get the wheel, it’s definitely worth playing around with the deadzones. I found the difference to be night and day.

Also, id imagine you have quite a long wait for the CPX adaptor (people seem to be waiting months) so here’s an excellent mod you can do on the standard pedals In the meantime, which cost pennies and doesn’t require any pulling apart of the pedals:

Im using this mod till I get hold of some T3PA Pros, and I was instantly around a second a lap faster because of the better feeling on the brakes. I suppose it’s a variation on Thrustmaster’s own conical break mod they use now.

I’m still waaaay off my controller times though, but the times are slowly coming down.

2nd wheel got here and it is working. I have it now mounted to my Rennsport stand and things are working fine. My only real issue is with the brake pedal. After using CSP’s all I can say is it sucks. I tried the mod mentioned above but it still leaves a whole lot to be desired. I may see if I can improve upon the Mod some as I had to improvise it due to available parts. Another thing is there realy needs to be a Sticky somewhere about setting this thing up in F5. Like how you should press the brake one time during the Countdown to calibrate it. It sux having to read 7 pages of threads to find all this stuff.


try that, between the team we have worked out most of the bugs and settings etc.