Driving with chase cam

Anyone else make the transition from cockpit view to chase cam? I’ve almost always driven in car in racing games but the cars just look so good in FM7 it feels like a crime to never see them and some of the cars have terrible visibility in car. Not to mention online races can be brutal in car when you’re getting spun out ir just the situational awareness chase cam gives. You get a slight warning of getting rear ended or someone trying to poke their nose up the inside. Ive found it near impossible to drive in third person. In car I’m all assists off, but with the chase cam I’m constantly over correcting and over steering or spinning out. I also have a real tough time staying smooth through the turns.

I obviously have tons of practice ahead of me but has anyone else made that transition or are able to jump back and forth between views? Any pointers to ease the transition?


You may be driving faster then usual. On many corners you can precisely see what your car is doing before, during, and after hitting an apex. You may have been letting up a tad more with driver cam. Seeing what the car is doing may also be causing jerky corrections that previously you didn’t make because you couldn’t see the car.

It’s just a matter of practice really. The best thing is do a rivals event in driver cam and then do it with chase. This will pinpoint what aspect of turning is throwing you off. Once you know, you can focus on adjusting.

Edit: use your own ghost to race against after initial time is set.

I have recently tried to play more in chase cam and just as you I’m getting used to it. To get a better feel try circuits with wider turns first, then begin to mix them up until you get to the more technical tracks, and use the partial brake line to see where the entry point is and aim for the apex.

No, but in FH3 I went to the far chase view because my normal hood view was obscured by plants, trees and tall grass. LOL! However, in FM7 I went back to hood view because (1) it isn’t like driving a radio controlled car, and (2) it really is a more realistic view like you have in a regular car where you’re concentrating on the road and not distracted by the pretty dashboard.

Sure, when I’m driving in real life I am aware on the gauges, etc., and have a regular rotation of my mirrors for awareness of other vehicles, but the main objective is to read the roads, avoid potholes or icy spots, etc., so my view is primarily well ahead down the road. Yet, the in-car cockpit view is very restricted, so on regular courses I use hood view when I can easily spot the shifting/braking points and line of approach to corners.


This right here!!! Feels like driving a remote controlled car in chase cam and a kinda delayed feeling to inputs,just my opinion,your mileage may vary!!!Wheel user also.


This has always been my experience too, in any of the chase cams I’m always later on braking and turn-in as the car is slightly further down the road compared to where I normally focus on . Used to race in cockpit cam or hood/bumper cam if it was a race car with really bad vision due to dash/roll-cage etc (I’m only playing on a 37" TV so a restricted view really hurts me), the addition of the dashboard cam was one of the best things they’ve added to the entire franchise and I use that almost exclusively now. The only time I’ve really bothered with chase cams in any of the Forza games has been in the Horizon playground games like Flag/Infected etc where being more aware of the surroundings (rather than the track in front of your) is critical, same goes for drifting as it helps get a better idea of angle and how close you are to track limits/walls.

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i’m relieved to see this; every video i see of forza is chase cam but i can’t do it; it’s always bumper or hood depending on the car (cockpit/driver if i’m lucky, but typically the FOV/seat position is unpleasant for me in one way or the other).

ofc the amount of actual practice i’ve put into it is exactly none…i figure if i can figure out the steering/wheel angle of the car from a bumper cam, i can from chase, so i think it’s really disorienting for me. you basically can’t do it sims with a steering wheel, must in arcade racers, & imo it’s another area where forza’s walking this very narrow line between the two that can be frustrating for people used to more committed titles.

(just read the above: fwiw, FH3 i also preferred chase cam)

I always used chase cam, luckily they introduced mods so I got to experience some of the views that I’d never used before. I tend to use hood/bonnet cam now but really enjoy the new cockpit without the wheel FM7.

Whether you play with a controller or wheel makes a big difference too. I like cockpit and bumper cam the most. Feels the most natural and probably the faster cams. Chase cam feels dis-jointed on a wheel but on a controller it’s definitely the fastest cam. Though whatever is comfortable.

I drive nearly all the time in Chase Near, but don’t have too much problem cycling through Cockpit, Bumper, or Hood. Chase Far definitely throws me off a bit. To let your motor skills/muscle memory adjust look a bit down the road, or where you want to go at least. Like real life, your vehicle will gravitate to where you are looking. If I do go to another view it does take some time and practice to adapt and improve or better my times. I remember some hairy levels on Project Gotham racing, where I could only win with Cockpit view. Some of the early Colin McRae (now Dirt series) Championships locked you into Cockpit view, no if, ands, or buts.

The reason I use Chase Near is I like to actually SEE where I am going and what is around me. I have driven fast in real life (both on and off tracks) and there was always one thing in common - I could see where I was going - otherwise I wouldn’t go fast. Cockpit and Dashboard views have improved but could still use help IMO. Disregarding Wheel input, one other thing that could make a major impact is your advanced controller settings. I normally run nearly all my “Deadzone Inside” settings near “Off”, and nearly all “Deadzone Outside” settings near “On” or 100%. This is to try to get linearity, versus an On/Off Gas/Brake scenario which is ridiculous. Try adjusting your “STEERING AXIS DEADZONE OUTSIDE” settings to see of this might have an affect when using Chase view. If you haven’t done so, you can quickly change this in game, 0, 35, 50, 80, 100% - whatever works. Near the end of Sebring Rivals challenge I did this and it made a huge impact. While I wasn’t able to better my time, lowering the setting made the C7.R Vette more controllable (felt like turning on an assist). I hope this might help if you weren’t already aware of these items. Best of luck!

Definitely depends on whether I’m using a wheel or controller. With the wheel I use bumper or cockpit. Chase is very hard with the wheel. Controller I’m fastest using the far chase cam. I do switch between chase and cockpit with controller though when a car tends to be prone to oversteer. For some reason it seems to be easier to control using bumper or cockpit. And if I’m trying to lay down fastest laps, controller and far chase cam. Racing for fun I’ll use the wheel and usually cockpit for realism.

With Forza 7 I had to change to chase view full time because the extreme camera movement in first person views was giving me headaches.

Wow thanks for all the responses. Way more than I expected. Comforting to know I’m not alone. For reference I’m on controller. I also jump to the bumper cam in cars with poor visibility but sometimes that gives me a bit of motion sickness from not really having a good stationary point of reference. . I like the remote control car comparison, nails the feeing I get. Everything feels delayed. When I’m in car the inputs feel immediate. I do run 0-100 dead zones but I’ll try the suggestion adjusting it. A few of you mentioned seeing where you’re going and that’s definitely one of the reasons I’m trying to adjust. Tracks like the ring I doubt I’ll ever remember enough to get really fast and seeing what’s coming is super helpful.

Any sim type racer I’ve already used cockpit or in the gran turismo 1 days, the road view so I expected an adjustment. Just not to the degree where I feel like I’ve never played a racing game before haha. More arcadey racers I’ve always gone chase cam but it was easy since you never really spin out. Was like driving on rails. Keep the suggestions coming and thank you very much. I might cave and throw TCS and stability back on for a while to practice and get my footing.

For those using the Chase camera, good luck with the Mercedes Benz trucks, or a couple other new big trucks. I’ve forgotten which ones they are, but they’re in the same class as some smaller cars (like a Mazda Miata) and you literally cannot see the car if they’re in front of you. LOL!

Indeed as a number of users pointed out, view can change car to car. For the Mercedes Benz trucks dash view is completely appropriate, and I think the physics are quite good as well. I was looking forward to driving the '09 Lotus 2-11, but I drove like complete cr*p in Chase Near and was all over the track. I didn’t blame the physics engine right away nor jump to assists. I went to the Cockpit/Dash view and sure enough I felt the car seemingly behave (as I anticipated) given it’s low weight, medium power, and killer chassis/steering. I started cranking in decent laps and felt it was a lesson learned on my part.

For me a Roof Cam would be ideal for track visibility and some realism. Of course if I could just see properly out the windshield like a real car, that would be best. We all know an adjustable view has been requested over and over. For some vehicles I swear only 30% of the screen is devoted to the road. I mean, I am sure this helps tremendously taking a load off the GPU, but how much dash, pillars, sun visors are really authentic. When I drive in IRL I see the road. Again, as stated over and over, “Maybe the developers take the bus to work and don’t know the difference”, or maybe the dev’s think users have low expectations or don’t know the difference either.

Fortunately for motion sickness, at least under Options > Hud > Camera Motion Effects - Simulation, Normal, and Off are available. For people that are hard core and really into simulation, Dramamine is another real life option.

I do have problems using cockpit-view with clubman-style cars, with the driver sitting so close to the rear axle the yaw of the front end in corners just doesn’t feel right (opposite but same as driving a bus where you are in front of the front axle, except you don’t tend to race buses)

Chase cam is the only view I use. I like being able to see where I am on the track. And I like seeing the car and any active aero it may have function. It’s only a video game, if I want a real driving experience, I’ll go and drive my car, or the many cars I deal with at work