Driving locked cars in Forza 7 PC


In Forza 6, I used to relax by driving cars I hadn’t unlocked yet on random tracks vs. AI opponents, though the races didn’t count toward my career. Is there a way to drive any car on any track for practice in Forza 7? I want to see how the Can-Am and GT cars from the 60’s and 70’s drive.


Go to free play and set car class to “any” or the appropiate class for the car you want to drive.
When selecting your car choose a rental. You should be able to rent any car except maybe some FE models.

Thank you very much, I got MOST of the way there. I must still have a setting wrong. I could choose any track, and I could choose any car that I had unlocked. But I could not find a setting that would let me choose from among all of the cars in the roster.

Any additional help is appreciated.