Driving force GT works on my PC

When connecting my Logitech Driving force GT to a USB3 port. this wheel fully works…


AS? I have the Driving force (not her Gt ) and does not work

i have Driving Force GT wasn’t working for me in USB 2.0 cant try USB 3 right now though

I also have the Logitech Driving Force GT and it doesn’t work yet on Forza Apex. Hopefully the developers will support this wheel in the near future.

Until support is released I will hold off buying Forza Horizon 3 as I understand that wheel support will be the same as Apex

I’ll stick to playing Project cars as the wheel works perfectly with that

Thanks, guys, I’ll try USB3 port. But may be anybody also knows, how to force ir work as xbox controller with somewhat emulator program? I used well x360ce, but it require copy files into game directory, what is impossible here. XOutput does not work with this wheel at all.