Driving controls - question about delay

Hi all.

First of all, the game is absolutely gorgeous and I’m loving it! However, I have several questions regarding setting up wheel/pedals on PC; my hardware - TM150 wheel with T3PA pedals (brake pedal mod to simulate load cell), TH8A shifter with H-pattern plate installed.

The issues are:

  1. I’m struggling to find good FFB settings for my wheel - for some reason, some cars have very “empty” FFB whilst others feel great (e.g. slower ones like Ford Focus RS).

  2. It also seems that there is a sound glitch with gearbox - gears grinding sound which can be heard in cockpit and dashboard view (I always use dashboard camera to get correct FOV and not see the distracting virtual steering wheel which rotation doesn’t match the real one). To avoid that annoying grinding sound, I have to shift slower than I should because there seems to be a control delay/lag between input (moving the shifter into gear) and the game actually reacting to it and dropping into gear. It feels similar to NFS:SHIFT if anyone played it. Due to such lag, I’m having very hard time heel-n-toe’ing on downshifts. I understand that the game is not a real sim but it feels more a simulator than arcade. I have no issues downshifting in iRacing and LFS.

  3. Is there a way to adjust the linearity of the brake pedal? The mod I have on the brake pedal allows me to feel the resistance, but it only starts after 1/3 of travel. So, it is very hard to gauge the force needed in situations which aren’t threshold braking (e.g. following another car). I wish I could setup a custom curve or apply expo to achieve less sensitivity in the beginning of brake pedal’s travel.

  4. Is there a way to setup custom control for different vehicles? For example, paddles only with no clutch for Zonda; H-shifter with clutch for Miata.

I tried multiplayer racing, but figured it’s been discussed in details in another thread LOL!

Thank you in advance!