Driving-Aids of Real-Cars

I´d like to drive every car with the driving-aids the the car has in reality. Is there a list or something like that anywhere , that shows what driving-aids the real cars have ?

Nope. Got to do that manually.

Google should have what you’re looking for

Well just so you know the driving aids of real cars and what’s in forza is completely different. Say for instance I own a g37 and in game traction control cuts power to the motor were as in real life it applies brakes to the wheel that’s spinning and losing grip.

What you’re describing in your g37 is what the game would call stability management or STM - that’s when brake pressure is applied to specific tires that are losing traction. Most modern traction control systems do this.

Most race car traction control systems actually cut power from the engine to regain control. You can hear this often when watching a real race with in car cam you’ll hear a stuttering of the RPM’s in the engine sometimes when it goes over a curb as the engine is being cut out to control the power.

I think in the game they tried to provide two different systems to give people different options on how they wanted assistance and I think that’s a pretty good solution. However the traction control system should have, at a minimum, three different setting options: low medium and high or something to that effect. As the current system is far too over the top and basically kills all power coming out of the corner.

I typically leave all driving aids off but in the high powered cars on rain tracks I often turn TCS on to keep me from sliding around so much.

Well for accuracy’s sake, the list of cars where you can disable ABS at the flip of a switch is going to be extremely small.

^ Stability control controls sideways sliding and spinning out. Traction control controls wheelspin.

Some manufacturers do have variable “sporting” electronic aid modes but I doubt Forza is simulating any of these. I would imagine Forza has one stability control and traction control algorithm that it applies to all cars.

So it would kick in at the same points no matter what car you would be driving. I’m not sure what is to be gained driving all cars with electronic aids on, if you want to get a feel for the car itself, turn everything off, that’s what we do when we get our cars on the track anyway.

I believe Forza has the same, one algorithm for handling for AWD too, even though a Torsen system would work differently to a Haldex and there are even some oddballs like the Ferrari FF and 2016 Ford Focus RS that are completely unique in how their system sends drive out to the wheels.