drivertar line up issues

“hi wayne I found a new driver who may good for your line-up.”

male bovine excrement I say so far I have a lot of friends who play this game and 7 club members but every time she finds a new driver for my line up its always and I mean always some one on my friends list who don’t have the game never played the demo or even played forza so far I have had friends from GTA call of duty and saints row I got the ultimate edition along with a few of my friends who are now over lvl 100 my self am over lvl 280. you need to fix the game so only people who own the actual game show up as drivtars. I am trying to get a good line up and the poor programing of drivtars that you never have been able to get right since FMS5 is just a digital pain in my back side. there are still bunch of stuff wrong with the drivtar system but this issue is my main grippe at the mo

Yes I have this issue also. I keep getting very low level drivers or people who don’t own the game.
I have friends that are above level 100 but they don’t appear.

They should make it that you can challenge anyone and let them appear in your lineup.

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3 more drivers 2 I don’t even know all lvl 1. this is a joke and its not a funny one come on please turn 10 sort this out ASAP or even just say you know of this issue and are sorting it out I paid a lot of money for this game

YEY ANOTHER LVL 1 DRIVER who don’t own the game

I actually have a great lineup, but for the last 6 drivers or more have been friends that do not play the game so level one.

Only two of my line up are friends that actually play the game.

There does seem to be something going on.
Last night I was sent to non playing friend in Byron bay and they drivatar never showed. I’m leveled up some skills I don’t need for 20min and no drivater to H2H so I have a chance and new one later

Hopefully a restart of game clears that.

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