drivers cup

hi yall
i have completed drivers cup, all races. how do i start again? i cannot find a way to start a new drivers cup

i guess by deleting user’s profile

You can replay all races in drivers cup as many times as you want. To completely reset all game progress , you have to go to games & apps folder , expand Forza Motorsport 7 and delete your saved data from Turn 10’s server by choosing “Delete Everywhere”. You are going to loose all gifted cars and gears you received when you ran the game for the first time. You can collect everything again once you have completed Drivers cup again except for Hot Wheel 50th anniversary driver’s gear, if that gear means a lot to you.

I dont think u can restart the career mode. But you can reset the game by deleting save data from all devices (everywhere). You will lose everything but ur leaderboard times should be the only thing that remains

Leaderboard times is erased too with “Delete Everywhere” method.

To the best of my knowledge your Leaderboard times WILL NOT BE ERASED. This was the case in FM 6 and I believe is the case with any Forza game on the Xbox 1. All leaderboard times will remain even if you delete your game save from both the Cloud and Local matching save on your device.

I was also under the impression that you could replay all the race series again upon completing them. I haven’t completed any yet, but I hope that’s not the case.

Could anyone else shed some more light on this and the specifics about what can be replayed and what can not?

You are correct, “Delete Everywhere” does not erase leaderboard time. However, permanently closing the Microsoft account associated with the Gamertag does get rid it.

thank you. why did they make it like this?