Driver Level Rewards Question

Are the driver level rewards cars you can get random or set?
Example…Driver A and Driver B both have 100 of the exact same cars. Both have driver level 20 and tier 9. Will their next rewards be the exact same or could Driver A have the option to get a completely different car than Driver B?
Also, I saw a person have the option to get the Buggatti Veyron at Tier 13 and Driver level 56? I was not Tier 13 by Driver level 56 and was not offered the car. Is that my only chance or will it come around again (ie. Is it set or random?)



Pretty sure its different for everyone
I havent seen the bugatti come up yet
If a car comes up that you cant afford you can always skip it and it will be waiting in the prize rewards for when you can

Only Bugatti I got from there was the 92 EB110 Super Sport. I don’t think they gave it to me either but good discount.

Seeing how I’ve gotten doubles already I’d go with random

I don’t think it’s completely random. I have a high level and just see the same 10-15 legendary cars cycle over and over.

What Level and Tier are you if you don’t mind me asking? Was the Veyron one of the choices you were offered at one point?

Once you hit Tier 5, you start getting the Legendary cars.

All the rewards are random. I have got the same car the next reward.