Driver Level Reset to 1

My Driver’s level got reset to 1 from 177 (if i remember correctly)
I have all of my cars, racing levels and stats but my driver’s level is 1 (now level 2 as shown in the image below)

Driver Level and Stats

You are level 202.

After level 200 you receive your first star.

Level 502 would be level 2 + 2 stars.
Level 903 … Level 3 and 3 stars.

And so on.

It adds +100 for every next stars count.

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Have you actually seen the 2 or 3 stars? I raced someone with a ~400 dl and one star above a 2.

There is only one star. Only the number below changes.

I edited my first post.

According to other posts here it adds +100 for every next star counter.

Meanwhile I’m level ~450 and still have only one star counter.

According to others it changes to 2 after level 500 (overall - 200 + 300).

WOW LOL Thanks for clearing this out :smiley:

i see people with 5+ stars, i saw one guy with a 9 yesterday, they must be like super human genius video game masters.

You don’t level only for racing.

The people with the 24/7 influence streams have up to 5000 (!) viewers (leveling for watching by themself).

Watching gives 500 per 5 minutes.
Streaming gives 500 per 2 minutes + crazy bonuses for more viewers.

Those guys have already crazy levels only by streaming!

Others used the Goliath exploit. But those will be banned and the ‘influence’ will be adjusted.

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I had level 200 after I made a race reset to level 1 (now am level 9)

Here is the main thread

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Did you even read the responses before posting?

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