Driver has tendinitis?

Driver has tendinitis ???

I can not imagine why the driver is messing with his hands. It is simply pathetic to race in the cockpit cam in the old le mans straight, why keep this rough animation? And when turn10 will eliminate assisted steering? Or at least give us the option to disable?

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What do you mean by assisted steering?

In other simulators this is called speed sensitivity. For ex: It´s when you turn to the left (100%) and the driver turn 30% (at 100mph) and if you turn 100% when driving at 20mph the driver turn 80%.

You can disable asissted steering in the assists menu.

No you CANT.

Yea I find that annoying too, whose going to stretch their arms in the middle of a corner? Lame -__-


Yes, you CAN.

It may not be completely off, but it’s still close. Almost every single game has an amount of steering input filtering.

Whatch the video and tell me… And about the ridiculous tendinits? You can turn it off too? lol

I want it to be complete off. Even DriveClub feel more “natural” to turn.

ROFL!!! Driveclub has some of the worst physics and handling ive EVER seen and i played motor city online

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I think you wrong, play it and tell me. For me the steering cap is a game breaker.

LOL, GTAV has better fizzix than DC…

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Yes, I am. I’m sorry you are not.

It is not perfect. As with any game, there are problems, bugs, overlooked things, and a-thousand-and-one things that could be added or done better.

It’s still one hell of a fun game.

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I can second this;

Despite Forza’s minor misgivings… and believe me they are very minor… the game is so addictive and tremendously fun to play, particularly if you happen to be a car and racing nut. Forza has even PC gamers from the sim niche community talking.

Once the on-track experience begins, all is forgotten. T10 truly has outdone themselves with F6, though I would go on record to say there is generous room for improvement. :slight_smile:

As i’ve severed all the tendons in my left hand, i do indeed flex my hands on long straights, and sometimes have to in corners due to intense pain. I can imagine driving for hours would do that over time.
But no, you can’t turn off animations unfortunately.
As for sim steering, when this was worked on in the past, they tested it extensively and with it completely off people just couldn’t control it. It was too difficult. So they looked at the data, and came up with a compromise which would work better for most people who want sim steering, without removing the fun of the game.
This is not a pure sim and never will be. It’s on a console for heavens sake.
My PC costs as much as 5 Xbox Ones, so it can run sims easily, but those same sims get cut down and compromised to fit into the closed ecosystem of a console environment. So yes compromises, If you want pure sim, go spend a small fortune on a PC and play Assetto Corsa etc. Great games but hard to control. Forza is on A console and is considered A family friendly game, so some concessions are made to fit within that ethos.
You may not like it, but it’s what we got. Accept it, or find another game really is your only choice right now.
There are issues with this game, but I doubt yours will be prioritised. But you never know so keep reading the weekly news items Turn 10 put out to see if it’s mentioned.
If it really bugs you that much, you can report it to or in the dedicated support forum at the top of the forums front page.


First thank you for spending your time reading and answering.
And dont get me wrong, I love the game. But not having the option to turn stering assist off is very bad.
As for the PC, also own a good rig to play some fia gt racing (old but good) but we are here talking about forza.

Tell yourself that the game is sold as a “simulator” but if I take my car and turn the steering wheel he obeys me =)

I’ve been after the devs since FM4 to remove this cap from steering… it doesn’t feel right. When your front or rear wheels break traction, the driver doesn’t want to turn any further until you have regained traction, irrespective of speed. It’s high time: we want a complete sim experience, and that means the should not decide how much we are allowed to turn. We should drive the car however we want, and deal with the consequences, don’t you think?

But no, this got pushed to the side, probably considered a non-issue by the devs.


It´s funny that even DriveClub feels more “natural” to turn. I hope turn10 fix it.

Use “simulation” steering. It’s still speed-sensetive, but is also sharper, and the car reacts more realistically to steering input.

BTW, quite a few cars IRL with drive-by-wire controls DO have speed-senetive steering.