Driver / character

Will we be able to choose a driver to represent our drivatar? It’d be odd to be in a club and have all the drivers look like the same guy. In a game that seems to celebrate diversity everywhere else (locations, cars, events, opponents) it seems odd that the avatar representing players themselves would be overlooked.

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These days 50% of gamers are women, having a choice of playing as a man or a women would be a very welcome addition. The biggest disappointment for me in FH1 was you could only play as a guy!


I think it would be cool to actually be able to create your own character in game. Also during the meets it would be nice to see yourself get out of the car and be able to walk around in FPS or 3PS. Look at the cars, hang out, etc. Also when switching cars a truck should show up with your car on it and unload it and take your old one away. Would add to the immersion. They keep talking about the map and stuff taking you out of the game, but not being able to customize yourself, switching cars, and the social stuff should be fixed.

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That’d be pretty neat. Like a multiplayer Forzavista.

I’d like to see some level of in-game avatar customization, too. Maybe with the fact Drivatars are going to be driving the career forward (pun intended), maybe this option will be present.

Actually that’s not a bad question. Would be good to be able to choose your character’s look.

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I get the feeling that car clubs will be exactly that - car clubs. I highly doubt we’ll be seeing our characters wandering around like something out of TDU2.

This has been on my mind too!! Hopefully they would include some customization this time around.

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I never thought of the idea of customizing your drivatar. That’d be a really cool feature. It’d be pretty lame having everybody be some skinny, white guy with perfect hair. It doesn’t have to be vastly detailed. At least picking gender, race, and hair can do the trick.

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Hell yeah; I will make my driver a woman again.

First day I played GTA:5 online: created a woman, put in high heels, black skirt, black dress-jacket with nothing under it, black sunglasses and short hair… Luckily there was no button-combination for rape but I got followed around A LOT.

See, see; most of the players are underaged/immature and looking for a chance of their box of Kleenex

/end sarcasm

Between character, and car customization, I prefer that the focus, in a racing game, is put on car customization.


Blur did a good job of this where the driver of the player car was randomized. Not only could the driver be any race or gender, but they also seemed to come from different walks of life representing the different car cultures in the game. There was no in game customization beyond how the car looked but the drivers were still a diverse group. It’s a small detail but small details like that enhance the overall feel of quality in the game.

I reccomend they put in two options.

1: Male / Female

2: White / Black / Arab / Asian

It was weird in FH1 having everyone looking like Simon Cowell with a hideous wrist watch.

Will add this to features wishlist thread.

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To be honest, I would rather have our driver in FH2 be a FM4/5 lookalike with a racing suit and generic helmet and that the customization and graphical resources be put into the vehicles, environment, and weather systems.



Not as weird as the bosses being in full racing suit in their pink slip races.

Actually the driver in FM5 is a hairy white guy in a racing suit. M. Rossi perhaps? I think its fine for FM to have a generic driver but in Horizon you should still be able to choose at least gender, helmet and leathers like in PGR4.

Did a search but game up with to many driver to find a proper answer but are we going to be able to change the driver?
Not sure if every body wants to be a mid 20’s average American dude?

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The other day I accidentally done a photo mode glitch where if the car is tilted you take the camera under the car and push the L-Stick forward,you will either go underneath the map or end up inside your car,able to explore it and I saw the drivers face and he’s brownish white with either a bunch of hair or black marks on his face!

So, he’s a Caucasian male with hair.

Or warpaint, in which case he must be a viking.

Or a football player.

Or a football-playing king in space.

Great, now I have to add “Viking Longship” to the car wishlist (obviously a barn find).

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