Driveatars - Overly aggressive in Multiplayer (and immune to damage), ruining the experience

Hey folks,

I race in a group who’s been racing weekly in FM2,3,4,5, FH, FH2, and 6 for many years. FM6 has broken something fundamental in terms of driveatars and its causing some of our racers to stop racing with us because of it. The Driveatars seem invincible in terms of damage, and they seem to be made of concrete now. Performance wise even on Pro/Unbeatable levels we can still beat them in straight up racing… but if you hit one of them at all, they never move, never get damaged, but your car will be destroyed.

Also if they are coming up behind you in a faster car (think the Nordschief straight), they will plow right into the back of you… no avoidance, nothing… they will blow you off the track, and keep going as if you were never there.

We can turn them off but our group likes having a bigger field to race in… but the results are always the same… getting “Pitted”, rear ended, brake checked, etc… by cars that never take damage it seems. And if you try to return the favor most of the time you cant budge them, its like they are slot cars or locked to the track.

Just wish they went back to the FM5 or FM4 versions of the computer players we knew so we would stop having people rage quit racing because of some AI player destroying their race.

I think they are more aggressive or just careless in Freeplay too. I was testing a car this weekend for a handicap race where I have a low PI in S class so I was freeplay racing against full PI S class. Anytime I got near or ahead of any of the AI cars it was a mad max melee. Turning the aggression off doesn’t really affect them.
Also noticed that the back of the pack cars NEVER made it past turn one without a pileup and I’d get through only to have them all either pitt me or sideswipe me as they caught back up. It didn’t seem to be this bad before the infamous NASCAR update.
Running a full class PI you don’t really notice it too much as you start on the pole position and unless you blow a turn you don’t have to deal with too many of them. Setting up a race where you start in the middle or towards the back and its full on bumper cars.