Driveatar question.

So I wanted to see what the easiest setting for drivatar would look like and it was actually better than unbeatable I was like man I feel sorry for new drivers. Is this a bug? Cause I thought their suppose to be easy on easy level.? Also my friend is like 300000 in leaderboards and I’m at 2000 yet he will sometimes not just beat me but smoke me. There is no way he is that good I smoke all his race times.

So now I change drivatar to normal and I destroy him lol I think something is wrong here.

That isn’t how it works.

How competitive they are simply depends on the level you set the Drivatars to. The Drivatar system tries to mimic the behaviors of drivers, not exactly how fast they get around a track. All players’ Drivatars can and will appear on all difficulty levels and be competitive on all levels.