Drive line or no drive line?

Does turning off the drive line really improve your speed regardless of the car/tune?

No. Some people (aliens) get faster who use no line cause their line is better than the suggested one. It is not necessarily the best line what it is showing.


Was chasing a rival and wondered if it was my imagination that I kept closer with it off

It’s a guide, but it’s far from perfect. You can leave it on and ignore it if you want. Honestly, I just keep it on so I can see more easily where I’m supposed to turn. But I very rarely bother following it.

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It’s a support that actually does not make you slower (unlike ABS for example). I never used it because it ruins the aesthetic of the game for me and I think you’ll learn the tracks more efficiently if you have to rely on the visual landmarks for braking and turning the tracks themselves offer.
But this can be just me - starting racing games with Gran Turismo 1 when speed-sensitive racing lines were just thoughts.


I mainly keep it on for navigation purposes. Some courses, particularly custom courses, it can be tricky to figure out where you’re supposed to go. Also for overworld navigation.


Never used it. Not only do I agree with Rayne, that it cheapens the aesthetic and dare I say is something of a distraction, but for me personally it feels like cheating, more so than the rest of the assists. Well, not CHEATING-cheating, but sort of takes the magic out of learning a course and a car; a few steps too far out of the spirit of the game for me.

But if you feel you need it, use it.

I keep it on, because I can’t tell where I’m going.

I’m somewhere in the middle. I keep braking line on but I never used full racing line but in FM7 where it is a must in MP. (Some tracks doesn’t have much lightning and car lights are part of “cosmetic” group so they break even if lobby doesn’t have sim damage on they can’t be even fixed on pitstop.)

Based on that I can however confirm what others has said about it not often being optimal line performance wise. I haven’t used it on custom routes as braking line has been quite enough. There are routes with blind turns even with that on, but there’s always retrying. I agree that it may improve experience on custom routes though.

My suggestion would be to pick few routes and get familiar with them with driving line on, then switching it off and relying on braking line only, then keeping braking line on but starting to look ways to get better times, corners you can actually take even with braking line orange or red, which I have found great way to learn limits of my ability and quirks of cars.

In general I think features like this are great. They reduce frustrating grind and speeds up learning how to race. No need to make this a life style unless you want to, you know. And I have been playing these things, I don’t know… since Pole Position.

I use the halfway option -braking line.
what I have found it is useful to see where you might gain an advantage over the AI
If there is a corner/junction in the road where you know that you can straight line it but the braking line shows red - you should be able to carry more speed as the AI will be braking …they are obeying their red braking line

Breaking line is also my way to go. I don´t want to learn all courses, so I miss many breaking points, when it is off.

It varies, if I keep close to the suggested line, depending on the course. At some courses, it is always red, at others I follow it.

BUT: when I know a course well, I´m definitely faster than the line.

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