DrivatI ars vs multiplayer

I was starting to feel pretty cocky about my abilities after pretty much finishing up all of the achievements in career mode. I tried multiplayer once or twice early in my career (December 2013) and got very discouraged by the crashers, so I left it alone pretty much. Now that I’m looking for further challenges, multiplayer is back in the mix. And it"s been kind of discouraging. ARE THE MULTIPLAYERS THAT MUCH BETTER THAN THE DRIVATARS< OR DO I JUST SUCK? I"M NOT SURE I WANT TO HEAR THE ANSWER>>>

Try ABCs. In there you only have up to 3 direct opponents and they are often a little less competitive than other lobbies.

Drivatars aren’t a certain skill level but rather can be fairly slow or faster than 98% of players depending on what skill level you set them at. They don’t adequately represent the true skill of their respective players, either, as all Drivatars adjust according to settings. If you beat Drivatars on Unbeatable and then get crushed in multiplayer, you’re getting paired with top players.

Unfortunately yes. The human opponent is a lot harder to race against than some half baked AI. The better ones run faster lap times consistently, while at the other end the less skilled drivers make your drivatars seen positively polite and fair in their racing antics.

Where will you fit? If you escape the carnage of the first corner hopefully somewhere in the middle. If you get caught out then you’ll be at the back of the pack with the two year old in his hummer.