The drivatars in Forza 6 are improved a little by the inclusion of the feature that allows one to turn off (or at least down) the aggressive behavior they exhibit in the default mode. But they still are horrible examples of what a good driver should be. They routinely violate laws of physics by accelerating at rates not normally possible if they were subject to the same rules of play as the cars driven in the game. This can be infuriating and defeating for an average driver who is trying simply to improve. They do not observe the rules of ethical behavior for race drivers, frequently cutting in on an established driving line, they are not subject to the slow-downs inherent for drivers who go off-pavement, they take turns at rates which would impose deadly g-forces on drivers, and generally perform however the programmers of the game wish with utter disregard for the real world of things. Yes, it’s good to have a challenge. But it’s also good to be able to enjoy a lead which one has worked to establish without having an inhuman robotically-controlled car suddenly appear, wedge itself off-pavement between you and the paving while it takes a 30-g turn and accelerate away from you at 300 mph (and an acceleration rate of 1000 ft/sec**2). Please consider making drivatars more respectful and more realistic.

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I’m not convinced that this is true. If drivatars are out-accelerating you on the straights, it’s either because your corner exit technique is lacking, or because of inherent performance differences between cars (i.e. they may have a car with better acceleration, but you may have the advantage elsewhere on the track). I’m not sure if this is your specific problem or not, but for the benefit of others, it’s worth saying that the importance of a good corner exit is often overlooked. Many people try to carry too much speed into a corner, thinking that they need to stay fast to be fast overall. They end up braking beyond the apex to avoid running wide on exit, and as a result they don’t get back on the power until much later than they would with proper technique; this delay then ruins the run down the following straight. They get passed on the straight and complain that that AI (or a certain car) has unrealistic acceleration capabilities, but I can tell you that I am more likely to pass the AI than be passed during acceleration, it just requires proper cornering technique. Also, judicious feathering of the throttle to avoid wheelspin.

Now on this point you are absolutely, completely correct. The problem is that the drivatars are supposed to reflect the driving style of players, and players in this game are basically compelled to drive like maniacs by the need to move from 12th to 3rd position within the very short races. You get the behavior that you reward, and in this case the game rewards driving like a nutcase. The biggest complaint I see about multiplayer racing is that it degenerates into bumper cars or demolition derby; for some reason Turn 10 decided that people wanted more of this behavior from their AI. AI programming is difficult to begin with, and every racing game I’ve ever played has had issues with the AI doing stupid or obnoxious things, but the situation isn’t improved by making the AI drive more like players and then incentivizing players to drive stupidly themselves.

I wouldn’t be so sure.

Some racers (myself included) have a theory that drivatars occasionally unknowingly exploit the “race diff” tuning glitch. To summarize, a race diff set up just right will exploit (or create) an unrealistic result, adding 20% or more to a car’s top speed.

(note: PLEASE do not attempt. Tempting as it is, this bug has caused endless headaches on the LBs, especially in E thru C class. Furthermore, exploiting bugs is poor sportsmanship AND runs against XBL’s TOS.)

Anyway, I play on pro or unbeatable 99% of the time, so I rarely encounter a “runaway drivatar” who leaves everyone behind (a regular occurance at “expert” or lower difficulty). The exception: tracks like Indy, Daytona, or LeMans (especially the Mulsanne version). I was running Daytona in the “Birth of the Supercar” division (Pure Motorsport series), and 1st was held by a Diablo SV which must have been hitting 200mph+ on the high-bank. While 200mph is not impossible in S class, there’s no way a 200mph car in S wolud handle the infield the way this one did (not with a robot behind the wheel, anyway).

My theory would explain this, however, as the diff bug is primarily a top-speed thing.

Umm on your point about the A.I, I do not get what your problem is. They behave well around me but then I leave space and make sure I can get round them cleanly and quickly.

The majority of your A.I sync is done in career and free play not so much online. The A.I is then matched around your habits and effective skill level. The more you progress the more your drivatars progress. My idiots still brake mid corner, I know that therefore I position myself inside of the A.I where I’m least likely to be affected by the stupidity of the racer the drivatar is based on.

Just ran an endurance race lapped the AI 3 times after making 2 pit stops in 40 laps full aggression and unbeatable… Apparently.

My biggest issue with the drivatars has been thier blocking while attempting to pass. This is especially annoying in the corners. No matter where you attempt to pass cleanly it seems like half of them will swerve to block. This is really bad while passing in the corners either inside or outside. I understand that the drivatars are a representation of actual racers you will encounter online but I don’t understand why T10 incorporated all the bad behavior of said drivers in the career. Its bad enough having to deal with shifty racing tactics online, now we have to deal with them in the career as well.

In the previous Forza titles, the pro or unbeatable AI were fast cause they were not likely to make mistakes. Now 1 or 2 of them are extremely fast and it feels like the rest of them just block or wreck you.

Forgive my rant, I spent over an hour restarting multiple times while racing on Bathurst today thanks to bad driveatar behavior. Nothing like being forced into a tire wall or sand multiple times.

Turn the aggression off / down, it really helps. The only downside is they rarely try and pass you on the straights, even after they have slipstreamed right up to you and have enough space. Otherwise I think it has taken away most of the annoyances, without making them submissive.

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They still drive to a pattern. Learn it and learn to drive off of the line.
Don’t try and pass them if you’re not sure you can get around. Like I keep telling people loosing 2 or 3 seconds waiting for a better passing oppotunity is better than loosing 15 or 20 seconds because you’ve been taken out by an AI.

They don’t swerve in corners they hold their line. I suspect what your encountering is where you line crosses with the drivatars line. Be patient and you’ll be faster then you are pushing for an overtake. AI doesn’t feel pressure like a real driver so trying to pressure them is going to end badly for you.

As for the AI that races off I still do t get it… Never had that problem because they’re skill matched. Use your head. Career mode have 1 grippy car and 1 power house… You’ve got all your angles covered then.