Drivatars on rails

I expect this has been covered elsewhere, but it is rather irritating when you’ve lost the lead and need to get round those corners when you’re really pushing it.
Whilst grinding away and only 101 points from Tier 6, I’ve been watching those drivatars, how fast they can go around corners and also whether they brake or not - not nearly as much as me it would seem. No matter what the difficulty setting, they seem capable of defying the laws of physics and the annoying part is that they can take the corners at the same speed as me with no apparent drifting and they always stick to that racing line (as programmed presumably), whereas I struggle to hold the car together at the same speed.
Okay, it makes for exciting racing, again probably the AI programming and it does give you a kick if you beat them, not to mention the joy in watching them spin off the track like a human.
But it reminds me that I’m racing against a machine, with its built-in predictability viz-a-viz the racing line, which can be taken advantage of for blocking and undertaking.
Rant over.

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Take a high powered car, like LMP1 cars, put it on unbeatable & watch them drive off the track unpressured. Road America at the carousel is a guaranteed drive off for the drivatars. I wonder why some people complain about the cars being on rails & others, like me, see completely different behavior. I don’t know anything about writing code. Could it make a difference which machine you’re playing on? It would be nice if we could go back to the AI in Forza 4.

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That’s interesting. I’ve found the exact opposite playing on unbeatable. The AI are hugely, frustratingly fast in a straight line, but brake in ridiculous places into and during (!) corners. Not to assume, but maybe it’s down to car differences, tuning, and/or driving style?

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When you set up a race note the HP of your car(Regardless of what you set AI difficulty to) then in the advanced settings > Car Restrictions change the <=HP to 1 HP above your own and you will see a major improvement. If you don’t do this the default with ALLOW UPGRADES - Yes The AI cars can have usually 100 HP more than you and that is why you spend your race looking at their tail lights disappearing off into the sunset.


Thanks for this tip, but where do I find advanced settings>car restrictions? Is it in the setup menu at the main race screen?
Can’t seem to find it.

Start a Free Play Single Player race
Then in that Menu at the top you have the two tabs Race Info and Set Up go to Set Up choose Race Setup once that is open choose a track and number of laps etc then at top, there are 2 more tabs choose

  • Advanced Rules - Set the Limit Aggression to OFF it is up to you but I prefer to set my grid order to Random rather than PI so you start from different locations and 99% of the time avoid that first corner disaster. I also prefer Unbeatable because it spaces the cars out better and after a few races you should only see the top 5-6 cars after the first corner for the rest of the race unless you blow it and come unstuck. I assume you have your car loaded but either way either use the Select Car at the first screen if you accept the changes you just made it diverts back there and once the garage opens with your car of choice look at the current HP then go back to the Race Setup and the third tab is Car Restrictions.

When you open that you will see Allow Upgrade is normally set to YES and a little further down you see. POWER <= that is the one you want and usually, by sheer coincidence, it will be about 100HP above your car spec you just checked in the garage. If I load a 647HP BMW then that Power <= will be showing 750HP which is quite a difference in power when talking engines. Reduce that to 1HP above your rating so in this example I would set it to 648HP so my car is included and usable in the race. Click accept - Back to Race Info and go Go To Race and I am sure you will find your FM7 life a lot sweeter than it was.

Someone told me a couple of days ago that once you finish a race and choose Restart Race you still get your credits and then race again without having to go through all that set up again and that has been a time saver for me churning out the miles. Been a lifesaver actually

Also, choose a track and stick with it until it is mastered both AI and track. I did Watkins Glen and then Le mans full circuit with the appropriate FE car if you have it. Darting and diving to different tracks all the time you never learn. By the time I got my two tracks out the way I own every unlocked car and up to 4 of each FE cars currently available Now I have nothing to really spend my CR on other than Crates, Driver Gear, Upgrades plus the weekly SD.


Is this true when you specify a specific division for the AI (i.e. will the AI get upgrades that push them beyond the restrictions for the division)? I usually check ALLOW UPGRADES in that situation since upgrades are needed get all the cars homologated. Also, my memory is that when you specify a specific division you can’t change any of the other restrictions without the division automatically changing to ANY. I’m still trying to figure out the best settings to set up competitive races in freeplay mode.

Just did it. It will change the class to any and those cars will still have a hundred more horsepower than you do, but they will still have their weight and everything else so it just drops their PI by 30 or 40. Drivitats are just broken period. If your willing to put in the effort it is possible to adjust things to create really good races but it takes effort and some tracks it’s simply impossible.

This is free play with Limit Aggression OFF

It does not matter what you use standard or modified. E class or a P 1000 HP 63 VW Beetle if you don’t check and set the HP to match yours the AI will kick your butt. You must make it 1 HP above your own or you will get told your car does not qualify. I have been using this for about 6 weeks and have not looked back but today I run a stock Ford GT FE S800 I got from AH 4 laps Unbeatable started at 8th at default settings and come 5th with no chance of catching the cars ahead after the first corner. 2nd Race everything exactly the same except the HP limit adjusted started middle of the grid and come second touching the rear bumper of 1st over the finish line. These are supposed to be 24 identical cars in the race…the are not. I am not used to this car since just got it and only used for couple of races. I will win in next race or two but I don’t really care about that either just want an even field as my competition.

One other thing as well this will help with them sticking to the Driving line like glue where you sellect the Drivtar settings there is a second one to limit Agression turn this to Off it is on by defult once you set it to off Drivtars stop hogging the driveing line and are more aware of where you and other cars are. Making for easier driving Also if you ram them or bump them they will be looking for payback but generely if you dont hit them they wont hit you.

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set up a race with AI on unbeatable and keep note of the HP limit your car division has. Then watch the replay and go to the telemetry of whatever car is shooting off ahead of you and you will notice that the AI is not affected by the restriction. I ran #2 Chevy Team Penske car in a race and the car right next to me was the same exact car. Indy cars are capped at 680 HP but in the replay the lead car was hitting over 800 HP in straights. I’ve said this in a few threads about Drivatars. The difficulty doesn’t affect the behavior it just caps or boosts their HP.

The car you are using probably isn’t as good as the cars you are watching pull away from you. The only thing when it comes to turning that gives drivatars advantages in corners is the way they use traction control. For the most part they don’t get close to the capability of the car, which is why they need such a ridiculous straightline boost.

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In the career mode I feel like something is broken. I am not the best by any shot, but have been playing Forza since Forza 2. My lap times are better than AI on New Racer on F1 Renault in Forza GP in Career mode. Can never catch top 8 on 2 to 4 lap races even though my best lap time is better than top 8. Same thing with Formula E and Spec Miata.

How come homologated cars have so much more straight line speed? I catch them in the corner and then they rocket out on the straight aways with like 50 to 100 + HP.

Many thanks for that Raving.
I was confused because I’ve been playing the Career Mode and although I’ve reached Driver’s Cup, I’ve been trying to complete the other challenges to get my score up.
I assume free play will up my Forza Tier as I play through it?
Anyway, I’ll give that a crack now, cheers.

Everything you do in FM7 racing adds to your Level Up

Follow what I put there and don’t give up. You will understand the AI and once you get it sorted I will be able to come to you so I can borrow some spare CR. 4 laps of Le Mans will give you a Level Up each time with no Mods or anything and you can take the Car, Suit or Cash (the cars/suits are offered to you again at discount(cars) so you don’t have to accept an expensive car if you are short the CR.


Just tried that on unbeatable, raised their HP by one and came in second at Prague, which is one of my favourite tracks.
Surprisingly, they’re not that unbeatable and many crashed for no reason, which was hilarious. I’m now 11 points off tier 6.

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They are not half as smart as they thought they were once you cut them off at the stumps because they are beating you with extra HP on the straights, not skill. You will see the caution sign a lot more often and if one is on your tail try to take the next corner a little faster they will overshoot. If one in front is bothering you then see if you can sit on its rear bumper with about a sheet of papers width between and you will pick up perfect drafts points as well as most times it will get confused and leave the track or hit the wall on the next curve/corner.

Just won my first Forza GP in that Renault got a 2nd then a 1st on unbeatable without altering the HP but they were all over me like a rash and I spent the entire race on every straight weaving left/right to block them or they would pass me like I was standing still. 8-mile track for them while mine was 10 with the zig zag

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Is everyone else getting that die-hard hold-the-line behavior too? Like, drivatars will often maneuver themselves off the track because they weren’t spot on the braking line and had to correct? It seems most odd drivatar behavior stems from rewinding.

When you hit Rewind the Drivitars will automatically shoot for the drive line regardless of speed and position on the track. This is especially hilarious when they are packed up in a tight corner or something. Turn 1 and the Fountain on Long Beach can turn to chaos and hilarity when you do this. I remember doing the Formula series and on Catalyna at the first turn I hit rewind after I rear ended a car, once it reset all cars shot straight to the drive line and where going so fast and packed together that about 6 of them shot off to the left right into the wall. I’ve also been in the middle on the drive line with a car on each side after a rewind and both will just sandwich me.

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And this always happens when I’m not recording the game…