Drivatars may have the same problem tha Forza 6 Xbox One had?

It may be just me but I have noticed that in a couple of races the unbeatable drivatar has appeared like it did in Forza 6 for Xbox one when it was first released, most of the drivatars I can beat no problem but a couple of times the first place drivatar drives as if the car is on rails never making a mistake on corners and pulling away on straights as if it is at least a couple of car classes above the rest of the field, I can live with finishing second a couple of times but I do hope it doesn’t start to happen in every race, oh well will just have to see what happens.


I seen the same behavior although it is only in the first lap (seen it on Spa and on Brands Hatch); after that I started reeling them in by roughly 150m / 500ft per lap.

Can you please look at the drivatar system as it seems the one unbeatable drivatar problem is occurring as it did at the launch of Forza 6 for Xbox One, thank you.

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Im suprised they still havent fixed this. Theres nothing challenging about ai that basically cheats. Its funny because once you do pass the first place guy you pull away like its nothing, but having to deal with the same old 2-3 lap races and having to be super aggressive to get to first is once again promoting bad racing etiquette. The ai reminds me of PGR 2’s platinum medal difficulty ai, they were the same way, if you didnt catch them within the first few turns you never did, but once you did pass them they would never catch up. I would say i hope they fix this but considering they never bothered to fix it on forza 6 i highly doubt anything will change.

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I would agree with this to an extent. The Drivatars appear to drive extremely aggressively until you’ve passed, at which point they just give up. Perhaps I should fiddle with the settings, which is something I’ve still not looked at in any particular detail, but racing isn’t all about getting ahead - a healthy balance should be struck by challenges from behind.

I just wasted the last 4 hours trying to get 3 medals at the night race in sebring with the GT cars.
Because 1 Drivatar is 20 seconds faster then everybody else even if i lower the difficulty 1 drivatar is unable to be beaten. And i need to finish 1st to be able to get the 3 medals for that race.
Even if i spin the car out in lap 1 it still rockets past me in the last lap causing me to just not get the 3rd medal.

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Could it be exaggerated in that race since the Aston Martin is 50 points up on the performance index? At least I’m hoping that I’ll beat that damned race after I get a few more medals from the next round of spotlight events so that I can unlock it myself.

It’s still possible to get all three medals with only two bonus objectives with a good time bonus on top of assist/difficulty bonuses. I haven’t put that much time into it on this race, but I managed to do it on the V12 spotlight race since my room was too bright for my old monitor to drive Spa at night with the suggested line completely off.

pretty much

Had this happen quite a few times during Battle of Brands Hatch,

Mostly noticed on unbeatable AI this time it was

AI (admittedly in the S60 which has a 16 PI advantage) 1:27.571 Fastest Lap and Race time of 5:56

Me 125I M Sport Fastest Lap 1:34:40 and Race Time 6:28

Rest of the field with similar fastest laps to myself had a bit of a poor race typical time would be high 1:33 and best a 1:32.6 currently sat in the top 5 for the event, would love to know where the other 6/7 seconds a lap is to be gained though :wink:

Yes, there is always a first faster drivertar, but he is beatable. However, these are just my observations, but I believe they run faster the game actually would allow (hello Codemasters AI :stuck_out_tongue: ) because I see making them mistakes and it simply doesn’t cost them time.

Ahh so that’s what that is. I’ve noticed it in many races, most of the time it’s one, but it can on occasions be two or even three, basically they are significantly faster than the rest of the grid sometimes by race end can be over a lap ahead of the rest of the pack. So it’s unintentional for there to be a higher leveled AI mixed in I assume? It also doesn’t help when they sometimes get a car a class above what you’re racing.

It is what it is. We’ve seen way worse than this. If you push past the AI and all of sudden you have the AI catch up to make it a “challenge”. The next complaint we would see is rubber banding AI. I’d say at this point if you beat the number 1 drivatar on unbeatable and it happens to give up, then honestly why complain? I’d take that over rubber banding any day of the week.

Its been like this forever. I was in 2nd place since the second lap and was getting better times each lap. http://prntscr.com/b79xj2

Got the medals to unlock the Aston Martin on the GT race and after that no problems at all with the previously unbeatable drivatar, presumably because I could beat the fight out of it by passing it before the first turn with a matched car.

Having one overpowered car in the race like that feels like enticing people to pay for early unlocks, but as long as we don’t see anything like the typical “wait or pay to play” crap that is the norm for F2P games I think I can live with it considering the quality of the game overall.