Drivatars in private matches?

How can I add AI drivers to lobbies when I race with my friends?

You can’t.

Why not?
I could do it all previous Forza titles.

Will this be fixed?

Turn 10 decided to not include that feature in Forza Motorsport 7.

It probably won’t be “fixed” since it’s not “broken” in the first place, it’s intended.
There was a large forum thread about it at launch and nothing really came of it.

What reason did they provide for this unfathomable “design” decision?

There is no good reason to remove something so basic as a COOP mode.

They know the AI are the worst ever created - so they left them out lol.


With the MP lobbies being devoid of people as they are, optional drivatars would really breathe some life into the races.

Especially in private lobbies.

It would be great if they bring this back