Drivatars formation train

I’ve never paid much attention before but just recently when doing the championships I have noticed that the drivatars tend to stay in formation during the races always staring and finishing the races in order, the only time it changes is if I hit one of them and they go off track, they never attempt to gain positions against the other drivatars it’s like a train. Lol

You do sometimes find them fighting amongst themselves but generally they are running to their pre-programmed time…you will even find if some get held up and be like 10 seconds behind, by the end of the race they will have caught upo again

Yeah, the original concept of the drivatar was they learnt from a players own way of driving or at least in forza motorsports they did, but I think they dropped that idea probably because it was far too complicated.

Since the killing off of what made FH4 fun. I’d like to see this brand focus more on the motorsport side in the up coming years. Forza Motorsport as far as racing is great, in the aspect of immersive online racing. Horizon now…far from great. Go ahead and continue to make horizon with the direction it’s going…for the children to have fun. And focus on real car enthusiast racing with motorsport so tons of players can be paid back in a sense for purchasing this game with expectations of it being better than FH4.

It’s really sad when there’s a variety of cars but they still manage to finish a race in a perfect train as if they were the same car doing the same thing the entire race. I’ve had races where all of the AI finish bumper to bumper, last place finishing less than a second after second place. That isn’t AI. That’s a train.

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It looks god awful when they all finish bumper to bumper stuttering at the finish line camera. They have to be aware how horrible it looks, at least hide it better.

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Not just that but when all the drivatars cars are the same model and design. Looks horrible.