drivatar stats questions

The icon with the arms up and heart is fans correct? Ok my question how does one have more than 25 m fans? I got this drivatar who is level 112 10.7 m cr 2.2 m xp and has 25.7 m fans! How is this possible? How important is the fans count.? This new one i am trying to decide has 22.8 cr 6m xp 15.7 m fans and level 305 . I hate to let the one with 25.7 m fans go i know he plays alot. Heck he might see this topic. one is level 192 16.5 m cr 3.8 m xp 10.1 fans. which one should i fire?

Well i made the decision to keep the one with the 25.7m fans for now

It’s possible to generate overrun in whatever event leads up to you maxing out on fans. That said, I don’t recall any one stat being more important than the other insofar as bonus calculation is concerned. If so, then I’d imagine you should base your pick on which drivatar has the higher stat in at least two categories.

I would suggest ignoring fans, because once you reach 25m fans yourself, that stat will become irrelevant. There are more than enough events to get you to 25m fans regardless of bonus fans earned from your Drivatar Lineup. Instead, only compare credits and XP to determine whether to hire or reject a recruit, or who to fire if you want to hire a new recruit.