Drivatar Rotation

Has anybody else noticed how bad the rotation of drivatars is in this game? You know there is allot of things that take away from immersion in this game, (no civilians on sidewalks, autogain, etc) but this one is why I quit just cruising and chilling in the game. The drivatars seem to be locked onto certain cars based on the car the player is driving or the cars that were in the previous race. I parked my car for about 30 minutes and have yet to see the drivatars change vehicles. Unfortunately this being a car festival with over 500 cars in game and all you, would expect to see cars other than just ones around the PI of the one you’re driving. I sure hope T10 changes the back to the rotation of FH2 for FH4, I remember being able to cruise around and see/challenge all kinds of sweet cars.