Drivatar questions

I like the drivatar concept, how you can race aginst your friends without them actually being there and earn credits when offline.

But is there a way to see what your own drivatar is like? and stats like aggresivness or top speed?
I see some of the other drivatars and a caption comes up and theyre average or highly skilled etc, Is there a way to find out what mine is?
Is there a way to get your drivatar to earn more credits? Like leave the game in a particular car?


As far as I know that “Highly Skilled” or “Average” on their caption has nothing to do with the skill of the drivatar - it’s only to do with the PI of the car compared to yours.

The “Skill” indicator above the drivatar has nothing to do with your actual drivatar. It’s just the difficulty setting for that AI at that time. It is randomly assigned and corresponds to the games difficulty settings - Easy, Experienced, Pro, Unbeatable - and such, whatever they all are.

To see information regarding your dirvatar, you can look in the stats menu. Pause the game, find the stats icon on one of the far right tabs. It will show info regarding tire temperatures, suspension loads, g-forces, and such. This is the data that is used to compile information about how your drivatar will drive.


My max and average “right front tyre load” are virtually identical (83KN). So if you see my drivatar online, It’ll be the one pulling continuous doughnuts on the start line.

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