Drivatar Difficulty and Friends

As simply as possible, Bathurst is my worst track. So I set the drivatar difficulty low so I can finish it and go on. Two of my friends average in the 10-15% range and another two in the 20-25% range.

I keep getting silver.

Is there anyway so my friends (especially the two who give me more problems than the expert drivatars) can go play with themselves in a corner or something for a race?

Or is this just another mistake from Turn 10 (I can’t imagine how my friend who absolutely sucks feels when half of the racers on the track are pro drivatar level) made?

I have two friends, that are constantly the most unbeatable drivatars even on when put on the lowest difficulty setting. its unbelievable, I was doing a 2 lap chase event in silverstone short and it was pointless to race. I couldnt even catch up to the #2 guy by the end of the last lap. I know for a fact i put in more time and patients into the game, I race clean and i follow the line to the fullest. these guys just play the game for shits n gigs and somehow there drivatars destroy me every single time. its making the game completely un-enjoyable now. I dont want to delete them from my friends list but, idk how to get rid of them in the races.

Different races often have different groups of friends…provided you have enough friends. Maybe try adding enough friends so there is a big list the game chooses from and maybe try other races and come back to this one.

This is spot on. I have noticed that the more drivers I follow the less often I will see someone’s drivatar in a race. You are able to check the starting grid before a race to see if they are in there.

If you delete them from your friends list the game will just pick someone else to kick your ass. If you have no friends left in your list that play it ,it will just pick some randoms names. No matter what I set the difficulty to the game always picks 1 or 2 of my friends and has them basically try to kick my ass. I lead on the first lap ,second lap is like their triggers ,if I’m out in front they are set into Seek and Destroy mode. By the third lap I’m fighting with everything I have to stay in front. The game is rigged and the drivatars are all BS. How can my friend go from New driver (setting the difficulty) to unbeatable just with a flick of a setting (no it doesn’t change the drivatar names ,it keeps the same ones I started the race with). Not really based on driver skill etc… now is it. I call BS on the drivatars ,more like very heavy influenced AI that have a few of your trates at best. I’m so glad I finished the game now ,just hope they don’t have achievement DLC as I already traded it in. Very rushed release for launch of the XBone IMO.

Call me crazy, but it sounds like you’re having some fun and exhilarating races. Isn’t that how it should be? Difficult to win. I like it when it’s challenging.

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I agree but not when the settings are on “New Driver” and the only reason I still won was because I blocked them from getting past. If I didnt do some blocking they would have smoked me by a good 10sec’s.

That isn’t how it works.

How fast Drivatars get around a track has nothing to do with how good/fast your friends are. The worst player in the world can still have a fast Drivatar. The system bases behavior on player actions, but how fast they lap is determined by Drivatar difficulty. Your friends’ Drivatars can be faster than them, even.

All races with fifteen Drivatars pick a couple people, one in particular, to be faster than the other drivers, no matter what setting you use. If you drop difficulty to something low and most cars are lapping at 1:48, one might be 1:47 and the other might be 1:45 or whatever. They are intended to be your main rivals for that race.

I don’t think us gamers can be 100% sure how it works exactly but my conclusions based on what I have seen only half agree with IceMan. It is always the same drivatar that is quick. Yes they are somewhat scaled based on difficulty but if the same drivatar is always out in front and if the friends finish in the same order they do on rivals leaderboards then I think there is more to it than just difficulty.

That is true! I have a few forum members who are on my friends list and while their Drivatar’s are good, I can still win. Some of my other friends, well, they try to take each other out in live racing and their Drivatar’s are exactly the same. Whereas my eldest son is nowhere as good as I am in racing (hehe), his Drivatar is the toughest to beat and is clearly outside of his normal driving standards and hasn’t completed the same number of races as I have.

I just know I won’t follow SatNiteEduardo, his Drivatar is likely to be just about unbeatable. :wink:

HelluvaStingray disagrees. He has beaten one of my rivals times that I thought was safe from friends lol

When HelluvaStingray shows up in one of my races, he usually ends the race with an amended GamerTag …


Practical advice:

If you can’t beat drivatars on the lowest level, you need to practice more and/or learn how to build your cars better. Maybe even turn on some assists… On tracks I am unfamiliar with I tend to run with the braking line on for visual reference.

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