Drivatar Algos

When Forza Horizon 4 released, the Drivatar behavior was acceptable…albeit easy. Approximately a year ago, Drivatar coding was modified to make them drive aggressive, false, and unrealistic.

The new modified behavior of Drivatars includes:
Ability to ignore road conditions
Ability to hold an impossible speed & line while cornering (when they don’t brake in front of you)
Aggressiveness in ramming (especially in quarter-panels & to impede passing)
ExtraSensoryPerception in blocking the best racing line when driving slower than the pack

While these features may have been deemed ‘realistic’ by someone, they emulate angry and/or immature individuals in an arcade atmosphere. This ignores any realism in racing while overlooking car damage and driver accountability.

Is this going to continue in Forza Horizon 5? If so, let me know so I don’t bother to continue being aggravated by ridiculous arcade garbage. If you feel you need to include this, provide a selectable-option that is independent of Drivatar difficulty level and/or not tied to anything other than those who seek behavior from Drivatars they could easily find online with people who often choose to instigate rather than really race.



So true. And those stupid gamemakers doesn`t understand that this is a gamekiller.

Btw, Ive seen AIs do the most hysteric moves to try to block the way . Like swapping lines in a tunnel, or suddenly
jump 10ft back to block me in the roundabout when I came out of the tunnel. Seen them just braking & stopping on the
motorway, rocketing out of sideways just to stop ahead to block the way. WOW playground, not even GTA3 was close to
this level

Fantastic, what a car-game. And then they added lego

You can adjust the Drivatars’ behavior in the settings.

dude, there is only one Drivatar setting…difficulty…

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no sir, there is another setting to limit Drivatar aggression in the main setting menu.

although i leave there aggression on for the higher challenge!

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No that’s FM7. Motorsport, and Horizon are 2 different games.

I see no such option in FH4, perhaps you are talking about FM7? Also doing some searches yielded no option in FH4…but if you see it there let me know where.

I really hope the ai is nothing like FH4…
If I put the game on average, I always place on 5th or below. If I set it to “Highly skilled” and if Im not first by the 2nd turn the first car is basically gone, always second place while the 10 cars behind me are like a mile behind and the first car a mile ahead. I set it to Pro and now Im winning more races than on average wtf…

I also can’t stand the train tracks the ai follows. I hit their car and nothing happens but if they hit me I spiral out of control. If I am in their driving lane they will just push me out of the way, don’t get me started with the 90 degree turns they make at 150 mph….