Drifting with sim steering?

I will start out by saying I am by no means the best tuner/drifter/painter/racer but I am decent in everything.

I have no issues racing and recovering from over steer with simulation steering, but when I am drifting it is difficult to control my angle with simulation steering and most of my transitions result in snap over steer sending me spinning off course. I have tuned a AE86 and have no issue drifting it with normal steering, but when I go to simulation steering it becomes twitchy and hard to control in a slide.

Is there a way to tune the twitchyness out of the car, if it drifts fine on normal steering or does it just come down to me needing more finesse on the joystick/throttle. My tune is just shy of 550hp with the 5.7L swap, Again on normal steering I am fine with how the car drifts, so I know the build/tune is at least halfway good.

Try making your car less grippy, think that could be a factor

Sim steering is for wheels.
Only option is to get better with the sticks.

You could tune out the twitchyness, but the better option is to learn to use the sticks better.
Or get a wheel.

It also helps to have the dead zones on the stick set to max.