drifting bucketlists

any one else having extreme difficulty with the nsx and charger bucketlists? i have only these left but can not get these piles to drift very well. and this is being polite. as i despise drifting.

You can try using a gamepad if you’re using a wheel.

Also, you can enable rewind before you start the bucket list, and use the rewind if you spin out.

Just keep trying them. That’s the secret.

i use a controller. i have been dong rewind. and i have looked up videos. i get to about 27-28 on both of them. need 30 and 40. they are just so slow.

also tired of getting “timed out”.

Have you turned all assists off (normal steering is ok).

Another tip will be to start the drift zone at a higher gear and speed to rack up the huge points first.

I’m terrible as well, but this is what I did…

Bucket list drifts usually start with a longer stretch where you usually drift at gear 3, but try to go in at gear 4 and then downshift to 3 so you get a faster running start and rack up a lot more points.
That usually leaves you somewhere close to the target and you can simply downshift to gear 2 and do slow left right drifts to the end to make up the rest.

Ok, so I went and made a quick video guide on how to clear drift bucket lists (or similarly PR stunts) for terrible drifters like myself.

I used #17 NSX-R as a video guide for you.

It’s basically tips on how I cleared them and 3 starred PR stunts.