Drift zones

Please for the love of god, put drift zones back in! Drifting online has turned into who can munji the straight for the longest. It just isn’t right, I mean have you ever seen a drift comp where it’s just constant munjis?

Racing = forwards , drifting = sideways , is it too complicated?

This has nothing to do with racing? I’m talking about the drift zones that were removed in the August update allowing people to drift side to side on the straights. Is reading too complicated?

I agree, I’m also not too fond of the line factor either, would be much better to have clipping points at the apex of the corners like what Grid used to have, proximity to the clipping point gives you a bonus, rather than trying to follow a general racing line that isn’t really idea for drifting most of the time, especially down a straight.

The problem with the line factor is you don’t know where the best line is or what the game is looking for.

Turn the driving line on, that is the line you get scored on, which most of the time is a rubbish drift line.

As soon as they mentioned the removal of drift zones I knew this would happen. It’s a terrible idea.

I’m not a fan of the racing line either. More often than not it’s actually not the right line, whether drifting or racing, although I appreciate why it was used. I’m not sure proximity boxes or clipping points could be implemented at this point and this is the next best thing.