Drift zones nerf

Im curious to know, many people are talking about this (many of my friends playing the game) that the drift zones got nerfed… is that just us being weaker and not able to beat or come close to our PRs or the drift points are nerfed?
Any information on this would be wonderful because we are literally playing the game so we can drift and beat PRs.

Drift Zones were changed in some way a while ago: Road drift zones you may struggle to reach PBs (On most DZs I can only get to about 30k short of my PB on them, sometimes more, sometimes less); Dirt DZs, on the other hand, seem to have had a boost as, after the Road ones were nerfed, I set PBs on all bar one dirt zone.

Someone on another thread mentioned something about going wide in the zones and how you will score more for being wide of the road on road ones.

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