Drift zone RWD/AWD/FWD Filters?

I have recently been attacking the drift zone leaderboards and I have found it very hard to judge were I stand for RWD. (For those that are unaware the point system in forza has always been bias towards AWD cars, for some reason they can get more points than a RWD car).

There is no way to determine drive type other than guessing from the PI, it would be nice to have a couple extra filiters to seperate these, it’s pretty important for Leaderboard competitors.

I have also found a few issues with the drift zone points area. One would assume that all the tarmac between the flags would be fair play, however I have noticed on multiple section that even while compleatly on the tarmac points will stop accumulating. The perfect example of this issue can be found on the mountain veiw drift zone. When drifting from the hairpin side the out side edge of the road on the entry and exit of the hairpin don’t rack up points, but heres where it gets strange, if you go really wide and fully off road and link the hairpin into the right hand sweeper, you wI’ll still rack up points, but when your fully on the tarmac you don’t. Somethings not right there.

For reference of my drift skill and knowedge of the points system here is a video: FM3 Maple Valley Drift King (world record holder)
I still hold the legitimate RWD drift records for all layouts on maple valley FM3

AND here’s a screenshot from a score I just set on FH3

PC leaderboard

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Lol, this again?

FM4 drift leaderboards had AWD, RWD, FWD splits. AWD got the most points, but not by much. RWD was maybe a few hundred points less over an 88,000 point lap due to slower and shakier transitions. FWD a few hundred under RWD. Pretty sure H3 is the same way, minus the fwd (rip fwd).

edit: Farmside drift zone is much harder to get a high score in with RWD, but I’d argue that this is the only one.

Why is it funny?

The difference can be significant it just depends on the track, but the fact that AWD CAN get more points is my point and why they should have a filter for drive type (friends and club/global/near me/AWD/RWD/FWD). I am aiming for world records and with the current setup it is impossible to determine weather I have or have not set a record for a RWD car. The fact that AWD drifters used exploits to post their scores on the RWD section is further proof that they need seperating.

I wouldn’t call transisions in RWD shaky either, don’t know where you get that from.

Farmside I am pretty close to the top score, there are other zones that have a much bigger gap…

AWD scores weren’t posted to other drivetype boards, the same people getting #1s in AWD would also be top 10 in RWD and their RWD is almost the same as their AWD scores.

And yes, RWD is shaky compared to AWD, which can snap to the correct angle much faster more consistently, where RWD sometimes needs a bit more time so you don’t spin out or lose momentum.

FM3 RWD LB are scattered with AWD drift scores, I can’t recall if they managed it on FM4 but on FM4 there are alot of hacked scores. If you are unaware of this then you don’t know what your talking about.

I use a wheel and can transition fast and smooth with RWD.

So, ignoring the bait and all about irrelevant hacked scores and my supposed incompetence, how do you explain the scoring gap between AWD and RWD? Hint: transition speed.

I beleive it’s the speed, AWD is much faster than RWD. They can slow down to really low speeds for trasitions (covering less ground during transition) the accelerate back up to speed very quickly, allowing them to net more points.

For the record, I agree with you that FH4 (yes, the next game) should make distinctions based on drivetype for drift zones, and false/modded scores need to be taken care of (which for the most part they are in FH3). The point of contention, which I admittedly had a helping hand in bring about, was why that should be. Your OP claimed there was an arbitrary reason as to why AWD scores higher than RWD, and I took extraordinary exception to this assertion. My indelicate wording likely led to the point being lost in translation, and so multiple posts were required to get us both upon the same page.

Hopefully this post can facilitate some understanding.

As far as I’m aware, the points system worked in FM4 as follows: being over minimum speed threshold, a car traveling over a defined distance has potential for x amount of points. This potential is then multiplied by some number derived by the difference in angle from ‘optimal angle’. Anything too far out of this angle range will have the multiplier at 0. Going past 90 degrees in motorsport titles will cause the current points chain to be lost. ‘Optimal angle’ being derived based upon the car’s angle in relation to the ‘optimal line’ (which seemed to be just on or outside of the given racing line/green path of fun and wonder) with this being much more obvious in hairpin turns. Tire spin seemed to have no direct influence upon scores. Tire compounds seemed to have no direct impact upon scores. Speed, being over the minimum threshold, seemed to have no direct influence upon scores. FH3 seems to follow the same system.

AWD, by virtue, can transition from optimal angle to optimal angle faster and more efficiently than RWD (as you said, you can come to a near-stop, pivot, and then accelerate into the next corner). This nets more points over the course of a drift zone. This advantage demands distinction between drive types for purpose of fairness.

Now, this conclusion makes the entire thread meaningless (why I laughed in my first post), as it is as TransAmConnor said, with this thread being a wishlist topic (which should be confined to the wishlist).

Yes perhaps I should have explained why they get more points better in my OP, I didn’t mean they got more points as default, but just as you described in detail. Your explanation of how the points system works is spot on.

That part may better be served in the wishlist but I wanted to bring up the issue with the boundaries of the drift zones.

AND here’s a screenshot from a score I just set on FH3

PC leaderboard


“Wants to compete on leaderboards” but only has pc filter on. Put it to xbox/pc then you’ll see all the real leaderboard scores which are way higher. Awd/rwd score the same its based on how wide you go with perfect angle. Ive proven this on multiple tracks on my youtube HappyDayz Drifting. Scoring within a couple of grand on the world record scores with a rwd car.

I filter to PC because there are less AWD scores. Your a good drifter but your video called ‘best RWD drift scores ever’ is a total lie, those cars were clearly AWD not RWD. The only score I saw that looked legit was the pacer on Byron suburbs, good score by the way, just topped my RWD score.

Brb proving ignorant drifters wrong

grabs popcorn

dis gonna be good.

Videos up. Quick 2-3 run scores showing the cars are rwd ps your “world records” got annihilated

I’ve seen the vid, again my apologies for doubting you. I didnt claim world records on FH3 just that i couldnt compair to other rwd scores. Out of the sections you did in that video 2 of them my current build wast able to run the lines needed for top score, so they will be done once I rebuild the car, the other one I wasn’t far off the mark. Thanks for making the video to prove me wrong, now I have something to aim for :slight_smile: