Drift Zone Leaderboards Easy Top 100 - Exploit!

Anyone else discovered you can use the rewind feature in the drift zones?! Meaning you can run a perfect drift run with no skill at all. Kind of a shame and makes the leaderboards not worth while in my eyes.

You can check it out in this video

Hopefully turn 10 either remove this or show in the leaderboards everyone that has used rewind! Not to mention the AWD versus RWD…

Not to mention that the top 10 is always cheaters using AWD V12-swapped Toranas and King Cobras with maximum toe so they get the best angle illegitimately

They really should separate the leaderboards.

I have a few number 1s in cars such as: Alfa 8c, Fx Holden ute, Ford Capri, Renault 5 Turbo, Holden Sandman. Its not the car its the angle and line you take.

And the same people would then run points tuned rwd cars and be in the same positions on that leaderboard. It does, in fact, take skill to make it into the top ten.

At the end of the day, I’m just going to point at a nice six letter word.