Drift Vehicle Ideas?

Hey everyone,

If anyone here is like me, they like to drift and make drift cars. Though, I don’t like to use the same cars everyone uses such as the Supra and Silvia and things like that. I like to use cars you don’t normally see drifting or being used in multiplayer drift lobbies. Does anyone have any ideas of cool vehicles to make drift vehicles that drift well but aren’t typical drift choices? Any ideas would be nice to hear. Thanks guys!

Depends: how much experience do you have drifting?

I personally like the 07 Ford Shelby Mustang. I also like the E46 M3!

Lexus RCF with V10 LFA swap.
Chevrolet ZR1 stock (it works!)
Mercedes-Benz SL65 Black Series
Audi RS6
Holden Monaro
Any NSX in general
Toyota Celica (any year)
“Hawkeye” Subaru Impreza

Come back when you’ve tried those.

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Bentley Continental GT 2012

Mine own tune with is has 625 hp, no hp upgrades

TVR Sagaris and Jaguar F-Type are two that i personally like.

64 impala. im a noob drifter but still love it. very easy to use

The Land Rover Defender, the Jeep Wagon, the limo, and the Escalade are absolute drift beasts. I got like 165k+ with the defender in multiple drift lobbies. The Limo likes to spin out, but when handled properly, it nets me like 10k on every turn. The wagon handles perfectly (and I have it donked out with like 22" rims lol). The escalade is great two, but it likes to slide into the grass if you’re not careful (it’s mega heavy).

I also second the Bentley Continental GT (not the race car)…it just drifts itself because it’s so back heavy, lol.