Drift Tunes

Hello all, for those that are new to game and enjoy drifting but have difficulties just finding or creating that smooth tune. Something realistic where you can sit in 3rd gear comfortably, nothing overpowered. Straight JDM stuff, im testing and tuning all day most of the time; mostly for hill climb on fortune island. ALSO, my cars are pretty sexy so you will look good sideways! Im starting to add some jdm tunes to the store just go ahead and grab one, i’ll be adding much more very soon. I play controller and can easily score 420k+ using my cars. I dont know if thats good to all but i know thats good to some. Anyway my gamertag is “Moppdup”, feel free to add or send a message to drift some time. Horizon 4 is the only game im playing currently.

My fav tunes are my spirit rx7, my s15 and my trueno expert tune. I have a beginners tune there. Best car on forza in my opinion to learn drifting.

Good luck, hope to hear from some ppl!