Drift tunes for simulation steering

Hey guys I have been a life long drifter in the Forza saga. I feel my skills are ready to blossom me into the tire melting jaw dropping gamer I was meant to be. I’ve always tuned when possible. But now I need to little extra angle, the potential to hold the drift a squiggle longer, and add the annoying extra 1,000 points to your score to beat your friend who always seems to trump you once so proud score you set. Simulation steering gives me the ability but my tunes are not so “simulation friendly”. The cars snap back too easy, the don’t get nearly as sideways as I’d like them. So I end up turning my favorite drift monster into an unstoppable donut machine. I have basic and a little more understanding of suspension and tire angles. But I seem to be lacking the “formula”. Like an (a+b*c=X) if that makes sense. Can anyone help me? I’m not asking for your tune platform, just some guidence.
Is simulation the answer? Would I be just fine with “normal”?
Thanks guys!!!
GT: Mr Lowandslow